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New house (moved in today) - Central Heating Problem

New house (moved in today) - Central Heating Problem

Moved in today and tonight I decided to test the central heating (I know I should have properly tested it before), I put the tempeature to 30c on the little dial and switched the boiler on and let it run (tis still running), 1.30hrs later and radiators are only half warm (not enough to be real hot), hot water out the tap is luke warm. Do I have a problem or is there a burn in period that I should let them run from?

FYI. Tis persimmon homes.


  • Here we are again Matt, the Micron 40 is it?

    The builders should have left you with the boiler literature, somewhere within there will be a blue card called the 'Benchmark'. It should be filled out with the commissioning engineer's name and telephone number. Phone them and get them round as it's not right. If you cannot find it, call the developer and demand to know where it is as they are obligated to pass this onto you.

    Possible answers. First check the boiler thermostat is turned up to its maximum, you'll find this behind the lower fascia panel on the boiler. If it is, see if the boiler is staying lit indefinitely. If it is, and the flow and return pipes (pipes coming out of the top of the boiler) are only lukewarm then either the burner isn't set-up correctly or there's a problem with the gas supply to the boiler. If the boiler 'cycle's' on and off then there's either a thermostat or a central heating pipe work, or pump, problem.

    Definitely get them round to sort it out, if they do not co-operate then phone Gloworm direct and insist on an engineer visit. If your home is part of a large development then it's likely the Gloworm boilers were agreed under a direct contract and they will be more likely to co-operate with any snagging issues, just be careful they don't try and charge you if the fault is down to the commissioning engineer.
  • Aaaaarrrgggggghhh, Persimmon! I've been in my new Persimmon house for 6 months and we've only just got all the snagging done. Our central heating/hot water tripped the electrics out every time it came on and it took 8 weeks and countless visits from various workmen to find the fault. All the contractors blamed each other but it eventually turned out that the kitchen fitters had put a screw through the electric supply to the boiler!!! Make all requests for them to fix defects in writing and keep copies - our site manager managed to forget everything we asked him and we ended up writing a 4 page letter to the regional office before we got any action.
    Marsh Samphire
  • They have a bad reputation as far as I remember they were on watchdog for leaving loads of properties with unfixed snags.
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