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● Welcome to Overseas Holidays and Travel Planning (updated 2 Apr 2012)

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● Welcome to Overseas Holidays and Travel Planning (updated 2 Apr 2012)

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Welcome to Overseas Holidays and Travel Planning
(Travel Index is in the next post down)

1) Read The Articles
Click "Travel & Transport" at the top of the page. Articles contain step-by-step guides, are fully researched by the Team and updated regularly. Check out the discussion threads (links at bottom of articles) for any questions.

2) Check out the specialised help & advice threads
Dedicated threads for popular/recurring topics:

Euro Currency

Disneyland Paris

Las Vegas guide and MSE thread 2012

Orlando/Disneyworld Thread (Part 3)

New York City

Nile's Nifty Packing Tips

Ryanair - Comments & Feedback Thread

US Currency

USA Quick Questions Thread

Also take a look at the Useful Travel Websites Thread.

3) Start a New Thread
Don't forget to search before posting a thread - there may already be useful info from past topics.

If you're looking for some help with a holiday/hotels/flights/breaks, etc. please try to include the following in your thread:
1) Exact Dates of Travel (if flexible, please indicate how many days each way)
2) Preferred Airports
3) Your budget
4) The best deal(s) you've already found
5) Number of passengers (please mention ages if below 21)
6) Any other requirements (e.g. child club/creche, minimum star rating, half/full board, etc.)
Final Note
If visiting New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, or Disneyland Paris, please post in the dedicated threads (listed above).

If you're after a sun & beach/package holiday, post your quote in the Beat My Quote! Thread.
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