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    Is there a tip for getting rid of the smell of new carpet ?
    There must be something you can burn or soak that will get rid of that sort of chemical sheep smell!

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    Ooh look what i found. 8)
    Laundry Gloop
    First the World Famous laundry gloop...It's very easy to make and costs a couple of quid for a few months supply. You will need:-

    A large tub capable of holding about 4 litres and with a good fitting lid (or a few smaller tubs)
    A 5 litre stock pot (for ease of use) or any old pan.
    1 bar unscented white soap - something like Simple or a supermarket own brand sensitive soap
    1 cup (250mls) washing soda crystals - usually on the cleaning not the laundry aisle of the shops
    4 litres water
    About 20 drops of a suitable essential oil. I use lavender and chamomile but any oils safe for children will be fine

    Stock pot method

    Put the water in the pot and bring to the boil. Grate the soap and once the water has boiled, put it in and turn the heat down. Stir until all the soap has dissolved. Take off the heat and add the soda crystals stirring until these have dissolved. Ignore until it is cool enough to safely handle then decant into your tub(s) Add essential oils.

    Pan method

    Bring about 1 pint of water to the boil and add grated soap. Fill a washing up bowl with 3.5 litres of VERY hot water. Once soap has dissolved pour into the hot water and stir. Add soda crystals and then carry on as above.
    I use about half a teacup for each load and if things get a little grey then I add in a dose of Ecover laundry bleach to brighten them up again.


    A couple of people have had some problems with the gloop and machine blockages. It is highly recommended that you put the gloop directly into the DRUM not the drawer. If it's hard - chop it into small pieces first so that it melts easier.

    Havent tried it yet tho.
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    And this :

    Shower Gloop

    1 bar unscented soap (grated)
    60mls glycerine
    5 litres (at least) water
    20 drops essential oil (depending on who it is for and what they like...)

    Put everything in the stock pot, bring it to the boil and simmer until the soap dissolves. leave until it is cool enough to safely handle, add whatever essential oils you decide on and decant into suitable containers.
    This can be a bit thick but if you put it in the shower with you to warm the bottle up (or stand it in a mug of hot water) it is okay.

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    Bath bombs - again untested, but have been assured it works.


    - Mold to shape the bombs, or just squish into a round shape with hands!

    - Witch hazel (can get at boots) in spray bottle

    Dry Ingredients:

    - 3 cups of baking soda

    - 2 cups of citric acid (boots have this)

    Wet Ingredients:

    - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

    - 1/8 teaspoon of essential oil such as lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, eucalyptus, you name it!

    - 8 drops of food color optional


    Sift dry ingredients and set aside. Mix wet ingredients. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix with hands.

    Press mixture into mold, gently turn over and release from mold. Spray lightly with witch hazel mixture to help set. Allow to dry for 24 hours or dry in a low oven for 3 hours.
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    Really great tips!

    I've tried using the vinegar in my laundry washing but am unsure at what stage I should add the vinegar. And do I still add softner? Can I add vinegar and softner simultaneously?

    I haven't checked this out yet but maybe somewhere like Makros, Bookers or Costco would sell larger quantities of white vinegar (5 Lts) in their catering sections - but this means having access to these warehouses.
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    Thank you for the plug for my wee site.........

    I made this site when i first started on the Internet but must admit I havnt updated it in ages - I actually have loads of emails from folk giving me more tips so might have another go at updating it!


    Linda (lindjemp)
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    this is a great thread with brill tips ;D

    but i have a question (probably a silly one but here goes) lol

    Is pickling vinegar any good for the above jobs?


    I never knew saving money was so much fun :o)
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    ::) ;):o ??? ??? :-/ :P ::) 8) After all this about "VINEGAR"!!being the solution(ha ha !!)to all known&unknown problems,round the house,& garden, Will someone please tellme how to get rid of the "SMELL" of "Vinegar,after It"s been used everywhere?????? :-/ :(:o ??? :-[ :-/ :'(
    Nice to save.
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    when i was a little girl my dad tried to get me to not put so much soy sauce on my food by showing me how it cleaned up a 2p piece really quicly and easily and saying "thats what it will do to your insides" (lovely man my dad)...

    anyway, i was just wondering if that means it would make a good alternative to Brasso / brass cleaners?
    can;t comment as i don;t have any brass stuff myself but worth throwing out there!!

    Mum to gorgeous baby boy born Sept 2010:j
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    a retired merchant sailor told me they used to use broan sauce to clean the brass items on the deck.
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