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Water Bills Cost Cutting article.

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  • Someone told me that with two or more children under 18 you can get metered water capped at £300. Does anyone know if this is true and what you do to qualify.
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    Someone told me that with two or more children under 18 you can get metered water capped at £300. Does anyone know if this is true and what you do to qualify.

    Maybe if you are on benefits, definately not available if you are not.
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    As an individual living alone in a house and with an eye on keeping water usage low with regards to the the environmental impact of water usage, I felt getting a meter would save me a packet in bills.

    After enuiring about moving to a meter, Severn Trent visited my property, did some digging - then stopped work. Said I was part of a "shared" water system so couldn't have a meter fitted. They then offered me a "saver" tariff of £250 - £40 a year MORE than my current tariff!!

    This was around 4 years ago and I've never enquired again. I'd definitely save a fortune by converting to metered water, but I wonder if anyone else has been refused a water meter fitting and what could be done about it?
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    I converted to a water meter about 2 years ago and I'm about £150 per year better off. I'm a lone parent with 2 children.
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    I'm just about to have one fitted. Hope to save around a tenner a month. More if I can persuade my lodger to have showers instead of baths, but think that may be a losing battle! She already thinks I'm weird for drying my clothes on an airer instead of using the tumble drier, and that recycling is odd!! She's from SA. Maybe they don;t do recycling and energy efficiency over there?
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  • I want to get one but we pay £8.50 a month for water supply, and this seems very low anyway from what others have said, so maybe I wouldn't save.
  • OK, I have just used the calculator that Martin references in his article. I'm confused.

    I pay £185.42 this year for water services, and £68.22 for water supply, =£253.64. It says I can save £75 a year, which is 30%.

    But why does it ask for water supply AND water services? What do water services have to do with it, I thought the point was that I was charged per unit of water? But that can't be the point, if I am saving more than I would be charged to supply the water. :confused:
  • My mu mlives alone . She saves loads of money every year by having a water meter fitted.
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    Buy is not great if you dont know your rates, it estimated mine as £300 from my postcode. When I checked I am only paying £185!

    So a word of warning to make sure you have all your details handy.
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    Waterbaby - it's probable that water services is your sewerage charge. When you are on a meter it is assumed that your sewerage costs will equal your water usage (as what goes in must come out!)
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