Edinburgh hotels?

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Can anyone from Edinburgh tell me which hotels are near the Usher hall? Would parking be a nightmare around there? Thanks.


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    The Sheraton is right across the road from the Usher Hall and has a paying car park ;)
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    hi myself and my wife stayed in ebinburgh a few weeks ago, we looked at hotels however worked out quite expensive. Have you considered a holiday apartment. We stayed just off princes street and paid £150 for a 3 day stay including off road parking.

    ps I got the holiday let off an ebay listing, the guys got a website which i can pm to if you require. Would highly recommend. I've stayed in loads of 4 and 5 star hotels with work and this place was very nice I was well chuffed.
  • Try this website,


    They often have late deals. There is a Holiday Inn Express (at least I think that's what it is) about 5 mins walk from the Usher Hall as well which has it's own car park.
  • Focussing on the parking, there is a multi-floor car park 2 minutes walk away from Usher Hall which can be accessed via King's Stables Road or Castle Terrace - both of these streets are just east of the Usher Hall. On street parking in the city centre is expensive and difficult to find a space around Usher Hall (and usually limited to 2 hours) but free at night after 6.30pm (not recommended if you are having a long lie as the traffic meanies will get you in the morning).
    There are hotels on Laurieston Place which are within 7 minutes walk of the usher hall - Ibis being one of them (I think its also got one of its sister hotels next door) but also another across the road - McDonald I think.
    Bus service is excellent from Bruntsfield to Lothian Road (Usher Hall) and there are hotels (some have parking) there as well as on street parking within 5-7 minutes walk away (Greenhill Terrace/Place etc. If you don't find a hotel in the immediate vicinity and do have to bus it at any time here is a link to the local bus service http://www.lothianbuses.co.uk/

    Look at https://www.multimap.co.uk for an idea of where these streets are.
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    Can recommend this B&B - it's not exactly 'near' the Usher Hall, but only about a 20 minutes walk away and in a nicer part of town than the Lothian Road area (which can get a bit 'interesting' on Friday and Saturday nights)

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