Charges for authorised overdrafts?

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Good evening all

I noticed recently that A&L have been charging me 50p a day for using my agreed overdraft facility. I sent them an e-mail asking them to refund it, assuming it was an error. However, it appears that A&L have decided to go to war with their customers, and are in fact intent on charging 120 a year to those of us who use our agreed overdrafts. Presumably they will be introducing a policy of poking customers in the eye with a stick as they enter A&L branches in the near future.

I can understand that the banks need to charge something to those of us who exceed our argeed limits, but 120 quid a year for using an overdraft? It's theft. I don't remember receiving any information on this, and quite frankly, I would expect something more conspicuous than a letter or some smallprint on a statement, or whatever else they used to introduce this ridiculous new system. A man on an elephant shouting it at me with a megaphone would be about proportionate I think.

As it happens, I have about 150 of unclaimed fees for A&L, but I didn't really resent paying them (despite their obvious unfairness) as I knew the rules, and through my own carelessness I'd breached them. However, this new move is so underhand I've decided to reclaim the lot, with interest. I have also removed my savings and have decided not to use their mortgage. In an time when they should be looking to shore up their balance sheets, they are pulling ridiculous stunts like this. Morons.

Anyway rant over - my question is: which other banks have decided to go in for this latest version of theft? I think I need to get a new bank. Abbey are out, after charging me 15 for going 3.15 overdrawn for less than a day (unsurprisingly, they processed my payment out before my payment in). Are other banks doing this?
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