Freebies for prnsioners on state benefits

Dont know if this should be here or in freebies or Benefit section, but hey what the hell.

Both my parents are on the basic state pension so have to look after every penny. I spend a lot of time using my internet access looking for free items for pensioners(Energy lightbulbs etc..), that they otherwise would not know about, not owning a computer.

Would it not be a good idea to have a section devoted to all of the benefits, free items that pensioners can legitimately claim.

I know there is the silver saver section, but most of the threads seem to deal inheritance tax, etc, that pensioners on the bare minimum wont require advice on.

I personally find it a most satisfying feeling, having free lightbulbs delivered to my parents without them knowing, saving £3-5 which they can spend on themselves.

Just a thought...


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