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three legged puppy

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jillconeyjillconey Forumite
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Hi, we are the proud owners of lilly, a 6 month old three legged lab. We have had her for 5 weeks now and have got to love each other. We found her on the internet and she lived just around the corner ! We were told she lost her leg at 2 months old (they said she got out and came back with her front leg smashed up and to was too expensive to repair !) We think that must mean she was hit by a car. They said they couldnt look after Lilly due to owners bad health ?? They had a young son and we offered for him to see Lilly as we lived around the corner but he wasnt interested. She was very nervous at first, weeing if told off, groaning even when fussed, cowering when my partner got excited watching football (waving hands in air). Happy to say she is now a very happy loving dog. She still has the odd accident in the house but is really good at squeezing out a tiny drop to please me if i ask her to go toilet. Really we would like any advice at all, she is taken into the garden every hour or so to toilet but hasnt learnt how to ask to go to toilet yet, prop as she lived in a flat.


  • mjburtonmjburton Forumite
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    If she's being taken into the garden every hour she won't have the chance to ask when she needs to. Take some time to learn her behaviour just before she needs to go, she may whine a little, go to the door or just sit and stare at you etc. Then as soon as she displays this behaviour take her out and give her massive amounts of praise when she goes outside. Toilet training, as with all training, is a two-way thing!

    It sounds like she has come from an awful home and it is wonderful news that she is learning that she is now in a safe and loving place.
  • LillyJLillyJ Forumite
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    Ah she sounds really cute and lucky to get a new home!
    Our dog, when we first got him from the rescue home, couldn't indicate to us that he needed to go out. After about 2 months he learnt to sit at the back door looking at it and now he licks the bolt on the back door! If we leave him too long (if we haven't noticed) then he cries.
    At first we were taking him outside too often, but we had to let him hold his bladder, now he only goes about 2-3 times per day, whenever he decides he wants to go. We let him out on his own, so that he learns to go alone as well.

    He was 12 months when we got him.
  • jillconeyjillconey Forumite
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    Thanks to you both. Lilly is coming on leaps and bounds since we had her and i guess we need to be a little more patient with her toilet training. She loves to play now,( which she didnt know how to at first) and her muscles are much improved. She was worth every penny and we love her to bits. Her nature is far more important and than the number of legs she has.
  • Our pup, Copper, didnt know what to do for toilet but now she just sits in front of you and stares at you. Sometimes she crys if she really needs it. But if we ask her and actually say 'do you need the toilet' she turns her head if she does or looks away if she doesnt!

    She knows alot of words, esp biscuit and dental stick! oh and chew!

    Our other pup we've only had a month, but shes started getting it now and crys when she needs to toilet! :D

    Youll get there! both of ours are poundies and there such sweet little things :) x
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  • Chesnut1Chesnut1 Forumite
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    Just like to say it is lovely to hear of folk that will take on a disabled puppy:D although I bet the puppy would not think of her self as disabled. I wish there were more people out there that would look beyond first appearances and also at rescue pups. I hope you have many many fantastic years with Lilly.
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