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Advice please, selling on ebay

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lynnemcflynnemcf Forumite
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I make hand made cards, and have come up with an original technique for making christmas and birthday cards. I have put this technique on a CD-ROM as pdf and I want to sell the CD-ROM to other crafters. Is there any way I can stop people buying one CD-ROM and then copying it and selling it on ebay? Does anyone have any tips of getting my item seen by the most people? Does anyone have any tips for pricing the CD-ROM?


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    Hi lynnemcf,

    I don't know any way of copyrighting a CD, there must be a way though of making it read only, how about asking this specific question on the tech board?

    As for the ebay side of things, home craft ideas tend to sell quite poorly although a very quick look at completed items doen't show any CDs having been listed for a while so maybe you might be able to catch a niche market.

    To get your listing seen make sure you use the listing title with as many 'key words' as you can so it will show up in more searches. For example try to use popular words to describe it like 'craft' 'Christmas' 'CD' etc, you don't have a lot of characters to work with so try out a few ideas before you finally decide what to list as.

    Pricing is difficult as there really isn't anything to base it on. You could try listing at 99p and see if it finds it own level (if using a low start price then only list one at a time) or start higher and if it doesn't sell the first time relist at a lower price. Alternatively if your feedback rating is high enough, sell them in a Dutch auction 9 at a time as this reduces insertion fees.

    Today (Thursday) it is possible to list for free as long as the item has a starting price of 99p or less. It might be worth a try just to test the market as the item is unique.

    If you want any specific advice then pm me and I'll try and help.

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