Paypal - Sending money to myself in the UK ???

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I am in Australia working for a year and want, well...need, to send money back to the UK to pay off my overdrafts/credit cards...i want to send $1000AUS a month however the $60 it looks like it will cost me to send money transfer or through my bank(ANZ) is a bit much. I have heard paypal is a cheaper option however im not sure how this will work exactly!! If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. I have a feeling my bank(ANZ) will charge me if i deposit money into my UK paypal account, so do i have to creat an Australian one, send money into that, then from that send it to my UK account, then from that send it into my bank accounts???? Its all very confusing but i would much rather pay less that $60 each month if i can.

Thanks kindly....


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    One way I saw suggested was to take out a Australian cash creditcard (the type you preload) with a second user card. You credit the money to the card in Oz and a trusted person in UK has the second card and withdraws and pays as needed in the UK .
    Obviously there will be some charges and you'd need to mail the second card to the UK but it may be a cheaper option.
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    $60 is for convenience...

    paypal fees are around 2% IIRC, so on $1000, that would be $20, then you have to withdraw it into your UK bank account, which you'll have to then log back on to do.... so obviously a lot more time consuming

    also the prepaid cards, charge transactions fees etc... which are probably more than paypal
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    Might be worth asking the mods to transfer your question to the ebay board. A lot of posts there are about paypal.
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    ....I know, it does seem a little time consuming using the paypal method although approx 30mins more of my time each month is worth $40 so im still keen on using this method. Does anyone know exactly what way i would go about it!! I need an Australian paypal account im pretty sure to deposit money into from my ANZ account question is, do i then send the funds straight into my UK accounts, or would that impose a feee, or would i send it into the UK paypal account and from their into my British accounts????????

    Confusing i know but if i can understand and master will save me $40p/m

    Thanks guys....
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    if you start transfering from one to another, you will more than likely have a block put on your accounts by paypal as it looks like money laundering ...
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    ...Yes i was worried something like that could happen!!!

    So what do i do?
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    i use to transfer smaller amounts, you should get a better rate as well and the fee is minimal. been using them for nearly three years now and no complaints :)

    I just pop in now and then.... :)
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    HIFX and/or Currencies Direct may help
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