Stay with or change estate agents?


I have been with my estate agents since the beginning of Feb. At first there was a fair bit of interest but then things slowed. Around 8 weeks ago we reduced our house by 5K but have not had a viewing or anything since then.

Now I know the market is slow so it may not be the estate agents fault. Is it worth moving to another estate agent to get a fresh approach on our sale?



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    We have been with ours since last September. 99 per cent of agents here are within spitting distance of each other on two adjoining streets. So when people are looking in the windows they will look in them all. Not too pleased with our agent as he overpriced the house and we dropped it. Had viewings but I think the majority of folks we have seen have been time wasters, it is a buyers market and if your property has any issues you have no chance as there is always something better for the money. Agents will have to start to earn their money now. Taylors and Haarts have closed here recently.
    I came in to this world with nothing and I've still got most of it left. :rolleyes:
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    Keeping an agent or ditching them depends on a number of things:
    Their presentation of the property; like the photos (v important) and the number they use on Rightmove, the position of your house in their window and/or office, the number of adverts in the local property paper....and so on.

    That's just the basics. Get a mate to 'phone or call at the agents and ask about property that's like yours - see if it's being pushed or not. If it isn't, then you have a problem.

    The market is slow; some might say torpid, but that's no excuse for your agent to do nothing. Mine has just mounted a major advertising campaign involving a local 'celebrity' housing guru. I'm using that agency because I know they won't just give in to excuses about the market....

    ...Which brings me to your relationship you have with your agent. If you're asking on here whether to change, you can't be that impressed so far. On the other hand, you have to know that switching would be worthwhile. If you want (brutally!) honest opinions on how your house is being marketed, put your Rightmove link up here. Meanwhile, talk to alternative agencies and ask them what they can do for you. In that sense, it's a seller's market too!
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    I can not fault the agents. They are really nice and always helpful. Recently we have been property of the week in the local paper but still no luck. They are also on rightmove.

    My idea of moving agents is nothing to do with any problems I have had, its more that a new agent may be a fresh approach.
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    What do you feel the new agent will be able to do that the other agent can't? Sometimes it can be a good idea to change if your property has gone 'stale' with the existing agent. Get a friend to mystery shopping both agents and see how they are dealt with as a potential purchaser, then decide if you need to change.
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