Objection to planning permission after grant

My neighbour but one has recently been granted planning permission. I received no letter from the council and the planning application trail shows that there was no site notice posted, although I think everything else in terms of publication was done.

I now find out about their plans after permission has already been granted, and see that they have been given permission to build a first floor extension over their garage with two dormer windows. Whilst not directly over my back garden, as the direct neighbours drive comes between and so there is a distance of some 15 metres, they will have sight of my garden, into my daughters upstairs bedroom and into my downstairs dining room, whereas currently they do not.

I understand that only applicants can appeal once permission has been granted, unless there is an issue of a point of law. I have good relations with my neighbours and want to know if I have any chance of getting anywhere with my objection at this late stage before I start upsetting the applecart. I am thinking that perhaps I should have been sent a letter and that it is a "point of law" that I did not? Does anyone know what the situation is here? I have a feeling that it is all too late.


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    I'm afraid there's nothing you can do if permission has been granted. It varies from Planning department to department as to which neighbours are notified, a lot just do the minimum.

    In future, you'll have to make sure you check where your council advertise their planning applications or with your local parish/town council where they also have a copy of the plans.
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    Arn't they supposed to put up signs? If they haven't, wouldn't that be a point of law?

    You couldn't get permission to build a tower block by hiding the application, which sounds like what they have done.
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    I agree with lainz. I doubt that there's much you can do. I think councils generally inform only immediate neighbours.

    I've known landlords who have owned a whole row of about a dozen houses and have managed to get planning permission for all sorts of stuff. All the way along the terrace they were their own neighbour.
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    AFAIAA it’s the Planning Officers who decide which properties may be impacted upon by a Planning App. and it may be that you do not come under their definition of an affected party. For neighbour notification I think it’s generally those neighbours who share a common boundary with the applicants or those whose property is directly opposite. A site notice is used in certain circumstances and doesn’t always have to be posted.

    Did the neighbours in between you and the other house not let you know what was happening?

    As permission has already been granted maybe your only option is to do some judicious planting to improve/maintain your privacy......;)
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