Council Cash incentive scheme, i need some advice

I have been a council tennant for 10 years now and they have accepted my application for the cash incentive grant. Before they can offer me the money they are sending a property surveyor around to veiw my property and make sure its in a good condition to move a homeless family in.
Has anyone been through this or similar with thier local council?

I dont know what to expect or how long the whole process takes. Ive already found the house I want and have paid the £500 reservation fee. Im also waiting for our mortgage acceptence hopefully by next week.

Any advice on the whole cash incentive process would be greatly appreciated. Tjey wont tell me anything at all and are so unhelpfull.



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    In the time between you putting your deposit down and writing that post, the house you've agreed to buy has lost £250 in value.

    So you are now in negative equity to the tune of £250.

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    The surveyor will generally be checking that it's in good decorative order and apart from basic gas and electric safety checks there is nothin major to do before they can move a family in

    Health and safety - is the garden clear of old cars, tyres, pond filled in or has a safety cover - remember you can't interfere with tadpoles if you have any - no I don't mean in that way, you can't get rid of them

    Is it in good decorative order?

    Is the kitchen/bathroom in a reasonable condition for it's age? - wear and tear etc is reasonable

    Have you put in any electrical fittings e.g. lights or other fancy stuff which it's going to cost them to get rid of and install bog standard social landlord fittings

    If it is in a nightmare condition they may refuse to release the money, if there are a few outstanding bits and bobs they may agree to release it but hold a retention of £500 - 2,000 until the day you move out and the list of outstanding stuff to sort out has been checked an OK'd by them on the final inspection when you hand the keys back.

    Try to arrange to hand the keys back on site if there is a retention as above - you don't want to be paying for any mess left by contractors

    Any specifice questions let me know

    Make sure that if there is anything they want you to do before handing the keys back is given to you in writing - if they don't give it to you in writing then hand deliver a letter, copied to your solicitor asking for it in writing and only do what they ask for

    Just post again if any worries - but don't worry - they want it to go through as much as you do
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