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Manufacturer or retailer responsible?

I bought a dishwasher in mid Nov. from currys which has now broken down. Repair man came last week and thermostat on order, having trouble getting it. We were told to carry on using it, but I feel the overheating over th last week and beyond has probably put a lot of stress on other components, not to mention my crockery! Basically would like replacement. Am told by Kenwood they will only replace if it breaks down within first month :eek: or is not repairable. I've complained loudly and someone ringing back tonight :rotfl:

Should my complaint be with Kenwood the manufacturer or Curry's who sold it to me pls. Needless to say Currys have referred me to Kenwood.


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    No the sale of goods act says the onus is on the retailor
  • As Poppycat says it's Currys you should be complaining to. Send them a recorded letter giving them 14 days to reply quoting under the sales of goods act 1979 it is the retailers responsibility to ensure that your dishwasher is repaired in a reasonable amount of time. Ask them if they can not honor this you want a like for like replacement.
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    Sale of Goods Act Quick Facts:

    You contract is with the retailer, in law. But in practice some retailers often try to pass the buck to the maufacturer (can sometimes be easier and work in your favour if they sort the problem out or send a replacement quicker than the retailer could).

    But first, why not see what Kenwood say when they call back (if they do). Maybe when it is passed higher up the line they will replace the machine after all, or maybe they will reassure you that a repair is sufficient and no undue stress will have been put upon the other components at all.

    As you have had the machine for a few months (not many, I agree) I think they may be able to offer a repair under the circumstances. See details on the link.

    Martin also has articles on the Sale of Goods Act you may like to read as well, before Kenwood call you back.

    If you are not happy with Kenwood's response there is nothing to stop you going back to the retailer of course, as posted above. At the end of the day your contract is with them, not Kenwood.
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    Absolutely correct, Currys are responsible.

    However Currys did have, I'm not sure if they still do outside their "whatever happens" scheme or whatever it is they're calling it now, a thing referred to as the "28 day rule" that is to say that, could they not repair within 28 days from the point the fault was reported, they will offer you a replacement product. Of course, in practise they won't tell you that and you have to make some noise about it to get the exchange. I am not sure if they have changed this or added caveats to it, but it has been this way for many, many years.

    That said, the Kenwood stuff is cheap Chinese rubbish for the most part and best avoided like the plague IMO. Currys pretty much bring it in and resell under that brand name, I think they have some degree of interest in Kenwood but I am not entirely sure how the brand name has been licensed. Certainly in cooking product it appears to be owned by Kenwood/Elba which was an Italian company but has now been bought by Fisher & Paykel.

    Of course, as I keep telling people, Far Eastern companies don't do service and, as a general rule, the backup service that you will receive from Chinese and many Korean companies is shockingly bad. It is not unusual to have to wait for months on spares, if you get them at all, from Chinese companies.


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