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Is anyone watching property ladder on discovery channel

Started at 7pm....

Young guy and his sister (sister bought 93% of home him 7%) in brighton.

Gave himself 14 weeks to completely renovate the house all by himself, its 11 weeks into it now and hes ripped things out and not completing anything. He hasnt really got a clue, pulling walls down with out leaving building regs know, ripping centeral heating pipes out, replacing them with cheap plastic things, switching the electric off and ripping out the electrics ALL THIS while hes living there.....

14 weeks have past and hes miles away from finnishing and have had professionals in to do the work....

What an idiot and he only has £25k to spend and is hoping for £265k when its renovated which i dont think he will get (bearing in mind he paid £216k for it)

It seems more and more mindless people are appearing on these programs especially property ladder thinking anyone can make £££'s in property renovating, with property prices coming down i bet you will see less and less of these sort of programs.


  • dean_hamdean_ham Forumite
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    OHHH my god my gran could fit a better kitchen than this guy!
  • dean_hamdean_ham Forumite
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    EA's valued it at £265k

    People who viewed the property are suggesting they would only pay £245k which would make them a loss of £10k

    Program has ended now but no mention of a sale
  • meanmachine_2meanmachine_2 Forumite
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    These programmes always end with a fudge if it's bad news.

    No property is seriously valued at £265K.

    Would you pay that if it meant 3% stamp duty? Or would you look for something a little less "refurbed" and pay under 250K?
  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    You're right. £265 is a silly price.

    Everyone thinks they can refurbish a property and make money now. It wouldn't make good TV if had bought and budgeted sensibly though, would it?

    Admittedly, Property Ladder is more interesting now that budding property magnates aren't being propped up by the rising market anymore.
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  • nearlyrichnearlyrich Forumite
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    I know people who have made a bit of money from renovating property but the fact that prices have gone up madly in the area has also helped. The programmes like property ladder are not realistic, silly people who spend too much on things they like rather than keeping to a sensible budget.

    We spent years doing our house up to how we want it, saved up and paid as we went, we have done some pretty major jobs but only one at a time.
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