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My hard drive was basically full, pc crashed.(XP)
Then continually tried to reboot ever 30 seconds, would not even start in safe mode, or last config that worked.

After buying new hd and installing xp from scratch everything now works 100 times better.

But what about stuff that was on my hard drive, how can I get it back?
It was 40 gig drive, but contained lots of my family photos, some backed up others not
Any ideas, mate has suggested a lead to convert old hd to run off usb lead, will this work
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    your other hard-drive was not dead...but looks as though it suffered from one of the xp bugs. best thing to do (as long as you didn't have a password on old hdd) is connect it a slave to your system on the ide cable (maybe diconnect a cdrom to do this) then you can copy everything from it to your new drive (it should recognise in my computer as "D")

    after doing that you can remove and set up as an external drive or actually keep in place as an additional drive (on another ide port)
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    Try putting your old drive in as a slave, if it works get as much as you can off it while you can, if it doesn't work as a slave best advice is bin it, will cost far too much to recover.
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    If the drive actually spins up and can be read as a 2nd drive from within Windows I would use the inbuilt XP File transfer wizard to grab the data off it.

    I'd be amazed if the recovery software will recover data off a truely "broken" drive you'd need to take the drive to someone like Ontrack for that kind of specialisation.
    (= expensive)
    Your next best hope is something like Spinrite (https://www.grc.com).
    Good Luck
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