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hi there, this is my first post in this forum but hopefully not the last.

I'm going backpacking around europe and a few other continents for a year, and I'm trying to cancel my contract with AOHELL/talk talk. they insist that I need to pay the exit contract fee. I'm currently 9 months through an 18 month contract, and so the exit fee would be round about £150 according to AOL, but I really can't afford it, as all my money is tied up in bacpacking around europe.

I was basically told that I would have to find someone else who could take the account off me, but unfortunately there's no one else.

My friend's getting really annoyed, because i've needed to delay leaving because of our broadband, which is crazy!

Does anyone have any advice on if the AOL contract covers this? or what rights I have?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, unbelievably appreciated


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    im guessing, sadly, you're stuck with the contract that you signed

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    Unfortunately you've just found out the hard way that a contract is exactly that, and you are tied to its terms. If it's any consolation I had two Broadband accounts with Demon - one for my business and one for home and I'd been with them for ten years. The business ceased trading half way through the contract and not only did they insist on payment for the remainder of the term, but they even cut off my home broadband until I paid on the business one, and I was still corresponding with them to try to reach a compromise. Needless to say I'm no longer with Demon!

    Anyway, with regard to your problem, my only piece of advice is to keep on paying them or if they decide to pursue you for the money you may end up with a bad credit rating.
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  • thanks for the replies, and crap, i'm sure i've heard of people breaking their contract by moving house and AOL not being able to cover the area they are moving to, i wouldn't try that, but would this not come under the same area of the contract?
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