BT Nintendo 'Offer' - They won't cough up...

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Hello all,
I signed up to BT Broadband with a Nintendo offer (now coming to an end) at They were supposed to send a copy of Mario Striker free once I'd joined up.

I think you can see where this is going....

Waited the 28 days in the terms and no show. Wrote to their 'online submission help' but no response. Wrote to their customer services twice, no response. Filled in an online complaint and (surprise) no response. Phoned their customer services and they knew nothing about the offer and couldn't help stating it was an online order and nothing to do with them. Nor could they give me a phone number or put me through to anyone. I asked to be put through to complaints and raised a complaint. "You will definitely receive a response now. This will definitely be followed up" he said. That was days ago.

At each stage, I've handed them a list of order numbers, complaint and customer service request numbers etc. I have no idea where to go from here. Can anyone help or should I just give up trying?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi this will not be much help but I signed up with BT BB last April when they offered a 'free' wifi adapter (for use with an xbox) and I have not received it. I followed the instructions on the sign up page and received all the relevant website and email confirmations for the offer. After 28 days and no adapter I telephoned the number in the instructions and was told my application was valid and adapter should be with me soon (they were out of stock) this happened 3 times (at least). I sent a complaint email just before I left on an extended overseas trip (September). I got a response to say they were looking into it and nothing since. I am disappointed with them for not honouring the offer as stated (and by rights should do) but at the time I needed reliable BB (had 4 month disconnection nightmare :eek: with Eclipse) and I determined that the actual financial cost was acceptable (i.e. adapter was not relevant factor in decision to sign-up with BT).
    My recommendation - if you have the time then it cannot hurt to try. Letter format best and photocopy your proofs of eligibility (web page you signed up on, forms, emails etc.) Ask for a response within 7 w/days. Send by the delivery which requires signature. If you don’t have the time cut your losses.
    It could be that the page you clicked on the signed-up button was not the actual page that qualified you for the offer, the actual page (a link to it) could have been buried in the small print e.g. blah blah blah click here blah blah – the link being the same colour as the rest of the text while the humongous brightly-coloured click here links to sign-up take you else where – its very sneaky and I suspect that may have happed to me.
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    Send a letter, recorded delivery, to their head office.
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