2 Month Short Term Rental - Ideas?

We pulled out of the house we were buying and looking again tomorrow. i reckon there could be a 2 month wait if we buy a house with a chain and i dont want to hold up the sale at all.

any ideas whether it is possible for a very short term let?


  • short term lets do exist- usually at the luxury end of the market for business people.. sort of halfway between a hotel and a rental. Depending on where in the country you may struggle as they aren't that common outside of London.

    Normal AST tenancy is a minimum of 6 months.

    Other options would be as a lodger or resident of B&B but i'm guessing you have furniture & stuff so that wouldn't be suitable?
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    How many are you? Cut a deal with a travellodge.

    If you move into a travellodge it's easy to extend your stay, there are no fees/credit checks, no bills, no notice needed to leave. Your room is cleaned, sheets washed/changed, bathroom cleaned, loo roll provided. Free tea/coffee/biscuits. No council tax, no water bills, no TV licence.

    Some rooms are just £19/night at the moment. It would be worthwhile looking at the cost of rooms in the most convenient one to where you are, then doing some number juggling and trying to cut a deal with them for a long-term booking.

    Stick your stuff in self-storage.

    Personally, I'd kill to cut a deal like that - but financially it's a lot more expensive for one person.

    P.S. if you wanted to look for the short-term flat that the poster above mentioned, google for "serviced flats". Quite a lot of BTL investors tried their luck at this. They do tend to be quite expensive though.
  • some friends used an out-of season holiday cottage when this happened to them in Scotland. all furniture has to go in storage tho
    good luck
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    try advertising on gumtree

    there's bound to be a couple of desperate BTL'ers out there who'd be grateful even for 2 months rent on a property that's been void a while
    It's a health benefit ...
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    thanks for all your help guys!!
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