Mending a fork (bent tine)

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I have a border fork with a bent tine. Any ideas on how I could get it bent back into shape? I'd like to get it fixed rather than get a new one as it's a lovely old fork that's a joy to use (or was!), and has sentimental value too as it came from my great-Uncle.


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    Any blacksmiths near you? I know these days they are like hen's teeth but IMO it would need heating and bending back, then hardening again as given it's age I guess it would be real carbon steel and not some alloy mixture

    How bent is it? Could you use it as it is?

    Another option could be slip a bit of steel gas pipe over the bent tine and try & lever it carefully back that way
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    Any local small iron mongers or wrought iron shop may also be able to help.
  • I'll try those suggestions. It's a lovely light fork, and the tines were lovely and slim, but it's not easy to use now as they are out of alignment. Certainly worth trying to fix it.
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