What can I do with my back yard??

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Hi I live in a two bed terraced. Now I have a lovely fenced cottage garden every year, but my back yard which hardly gets any sun has 6ft pale yellow painted walls and the floor is concrete which slopes down to the back tall gate. I have a pale blue shed but need some ideas to 'flower/brighten' up the yard. Do I put in large concrete rectangular beds for flowers and plants to climb the walls. Bearing in mind in summer the sun does not reach the yard till 2pm. Its really cold and uninviting. the yard is pretty rectangular not square but its not long and narrow. I am a good gardener. Got all sorts of cottage plants in my front garden in summer but would like to get climbers over the walls. But don't want to choose plants that grow too quickly in the pot chambers.:confused:
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  • I would think honeysuckle would do ok. We have an evergreen one that used to be in a pot - every spring I would just chop of the roots that had made it through the hole in the bottom and it carried on growing. It's now survived being cut right back and moved to a new border in the garden.
  • I think you could try passion fruit, it has amazing flowers, mine grows in a shaded spot but you will need to be generous with its pot as it will need to receive lots of nourishment to produce all that foliage and fruits. Also I have a vine I think is called autumn glory - it goes red in autumn - that will grow in shade and covers walls really fast. Any plant will only grow as much as its pot will allow so they will need potting on or a raised bed might be better.
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    lots of ideas for shady gardens here:
    and here:

    and copied from another site:

    Primulas and Polyanthus are suitable for containers in partial shade, however, they need to be kept moist as they will not do well if allowed to dry out. They will provide a lovely display in winter and early spring.
    Lilly of the Valley are shade lovers and quickly form clumps. In the U.K. the waxy, white bell-like flowers appear in April or May.
    London Pride produces masses of small pink flowers in early Summer.
    Buzy Lizzies are colourful, easy to grow and are ideal for hanging baskets or boxes that don't get much sun. The double varieties give even more colour.
    Begonias will all tolerate partial shade. They are available in trailing and upright varieties in reds, yellows and purplish tones.
    Many Foliage plants grow well in shady places. Ivy, ferns, and Hostas are always popular

    happy gardening:D
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