Most outrageous N. Ireland rip-off

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Folks, what about "inverted" money saving - as in who you think is just ripping off the Northern Ireland punter.

Example 1 - Car insurance
Find a UK car insurance website, which takes Ni customers, go through the entire process but use to different addresses, one mainland, one NI, (Eg CF37 6AE is a working class suburb of Cardiff). I guarantee you, you will not believe the results.

Example 2 - NI shipping surcharges
Buying anything on the net usually means you're not a UK resident. Even if they're using Royal Mail. I can't remember the website but it actually quoted me a £50 NI surcharge. Comet, the electrical crowd, won't even ship to N. Ireland.

Example 3 - Bus & Train charges
These always seem in Northern Ireland to be incredibly expensive compared to other places. I posted somewhere else about Aircoach who do Belfast/Dublin Airport return for £8. I wonder how far £8 would get you on Translink.

So go on, tell us who's really annoying you.


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    chunter wrote:
    I wonder how far £8 would get you on Translink.

    The length of your arm if you're lucky! Useless things - glad I have a car! I lost count of the amount of times it broke down from Derry to Coleraine in my university days - and they're still using the same trains!!
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    Here I go on my soap box again....

    Translink are a rip off, plus CRAP service.

    Just think last year anytime you contacted translink about delays all you ever heard was, "It's the old trains things will be better once we get the new trains working". Now we have new trains new timetable and they are still late everyday....

    One more thing about translink, I was in chicago last week and I paid $5 for a return ticket from Glenview to Union Street Station, which takes about 45 minutes, the same length of journey in N. Ireland costs £6.95 single (poyntzpass - Belfast).

    Car Insurance - is hopeless, I live in the countryside, but because I have a BT35 postcode I have to pay £300 extra per year for my insurance compared to parking my car in a small town such as Banbridge....

    OK Finished for now....
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    I was going to order a kids bike from London. £89-99 + £10 delivery to mainland UK. I asked how much for delivery here...£49-99.
    Decided not to buy and went to Halfords instead!!
    I love the way we are United Kingdom as and when it suits these companies.
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    That's just the way it is folks - get over it and do what I do, watch out for the deals locally or just boycott the rip off merchants. There are many who will deal with NI and charge standard RM rates. But don't forget - even these are under review and NI and remote GB areas will likely end up paying more in future.
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    @ chunter

    Example 1 - thats because we are claim city.........everyone knows that we pay more for insurance because we claim more than anywhere in the UK.

    Example 2 - if you do a search there are some threads where the companies that surcharge to N.I. are listed.
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    wirm wrote:
    Example 1 - thats because we are claim city.........everyone knows that we pay more for insurance because we claim more than anywhere in the UK.

    1. I've heard this claim culture thing for the last 25 years. It was initially put down to the Troubles and huge levels of crime & human injury. But now we're on similiar levels of both throughout the UK. The huge boom in UK mainland accidental injury claims means that the amounts been handed out must be reaching equity, I presume.

    2. Generally speaking, the most sucessful NI insurance company of recent years is Quinn Direct. Their policy, I've found, offers great insight. On a car accident claim, where personal injury is involved, a claims assessor will ring and arrange a meeting with the injured party immediately. He can offer a suitable amount, write a cheque there and then as long as the injured party waives their right to take it to court later.
    Maybe the problem is not with the amount of the claim itself, but it's long, winding and very financially rewarding (for the legal & medical profession) road through the NI system.
    Maybe the claim culture, if there is one, is created by the system itself, not by the people who actually suffer personal injury.
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    Here ye's go: an A-Z of shafters for N. Ireland. We're even charged more for trying to lose weight LOL!!!
  • declanmccdeclanmcc Forumite
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    And as I type and look out from my workstation, the train has just departed the Derry station on the other side of the river. No joking but the floor vibrated underneath me as it left - look at the shape of it - ugly old thing!!!
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    B&Q must take the biscuit for treating N.I customers like s#1t.

    Their online store will not deliver orders here, despite having a number of stores throughout N.I.

    They had a fantastic sale online recently with greatly reduced children's outdoor activity centers, one such being reduced from £799 to £146.

    No N.I. delivery. Not available instore.
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    Makro is another one. I was in there last week and they had notices up apologising because some of the offers in their Makromail were for the UK mainland only.
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