Can anyone tell me what types of plants these are...

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Removed them from the garden over the weekend however i have not yet removed the roots and think digging them out may be a big job so was wondering if anyone new the species so that i could look into finding an easy solution to killing off the roots.
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    No idea but "Growing Success deep root killer"
    or this stuff should get shot of the roots for you.

    I know the Former breaks down in the soil not sure about the latter.
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    Its a bit difficult to tell as there are no clues (leaves etc) the one on the left looks like a climber of some sort but both of them are very overgrown.. I guess its just the roots that are left now and as you say the devils own job to clear them out... its going to take a while for them to rot away even if you put root killer on them... sorry not a lot of help... hard work whatever you do...
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  • one on left of picture looks like Honeysuckle, not sure of the one on right but could be large flowering shrub, possibly magnolia? the honeysuckle roots will come out relatively easily with a spade; you could try a mattock on the other one as this will chop through the roots low down. As long as you swiftly remove any new regrowth it will see them off
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    The right hand shrub/tree is suckering like mad. Not a nice thing to have in your border. It won't die because you have cut the top away or without a serious fight! Looks like it will take years to rot, but may be virtually impossible to dig out.

    You have a driveway there, so you might get a digger/winch in, but watch out for service pipes, cables etc. if you go down that route. Also consider that the 'thing' has gone under the path & drive as well.

    SBK Brushwood Killer worked for me on an old tree many years ago. I drilled wide holes down into the largest stems and filled them with a neat mix of SBK and oil, sealing them off with plasticine or something like that. Then I covered the whole stump with thick, black plastic, burying the edges, and left it alone for a year or more. Nowadays, you will probably not be encouraged to use engine oil, but cooking oil would be more environmentally friendly. I didn't have any problems growing stuff over & around the stump to hide the plastic.

    Best of luck anyway. I have just watched my neighbour spend about 3 weekends digging out the stump of an apple tree at least 80 years old. My money was on the stump, but he beat it in the end. Just shows what perseverence can achieve.
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    When we had some trees chopped down most of the cost was in grinding the stumps/roots down. I think chopping the above the ground bit was the eazy bit....:o
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    It looks like my very old honeysuckle. We've just had to cut it right down as it wondered in through the roof and through the pannelled ceiling in our utility room!
  • Climber looks like a honeysuckle while the other one looks like a lilac .If you want to get rid of the stump hire a stump grinder will take that out in half a hour tops although i would not recomend doing the honey suckle as its a bit close to the wall...
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    The climber on the left could be honeysuckle or it could be a Russian vine. I planted one years ago to cover an old shed - big mistake! It would have covered the whole street if I hadn't kept pruning it! We dug it out eventually and it was a tough job, but never had a problem with it coming back.
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