Is it worth keeping landline live if possibly renting?

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I dont use my land line as i have more minutes and texts than i need on my mobile. However I may decide to rent out my property.

So is it a good idea to keep the landline live and keep paying line rental ? Or is it fine to just leave the phone point there physically so that a new occupant can call BT if they want to get it reactivated?


  • So long as it does not get disconnected because if it does it will cost someone £125 to have it activated again.
  • how would i know if it will get disconnected or not ? if i am not paying and call them to cancel the rental will it be auto disconnected?
  • I dont know when it will be disconected, I have a 2nd line here and its still active and I can dial in and out but we don't pay for it as it was canceled years ago.

    Just depends if they need the line/number for someone else I guess.

    But if you are going to let it out dont worry about it as new tenants could pay or you could go 50/50 with the cost.
  • oh i see, so it is pot luck.. i suppose the only reason a tenant would want a landline is if they dont like using a mobile (unlikely) or they want a broadband / tv service which uses the landline? i do have a ntl cable line (now virgin) which could be used. so i doubt there's any use for a landline, can anyone confirm, especially any landlords here?
  • Ultimately it is upto you, but whilst the line is active in your name you are responsible for any charges made on the line, the tenants won't be liable
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    If you just stop the line, line rental will end, and provided no wiring is harmed it will easily be restarted at any point in the future when tennants move in, if they require the landline service. BT restart for free, any others that charge have a minimal restart fee (The Phone Co-Op is £5 +VAT for example).
  • Not sure if it's that simple. What if it's a busy exchange and the number is re-assigned?
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