Car Insurance for 20 year old male

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My son at University, has now finally decided that he wants to drive. I think his sister turning 17 in a few weeks time and counting the days till she can learn has dented his male ego.

I have been told by my insurers, AXA, that they will not put any male drivers on my policy who are under 21. He still has only a provisional licence.

I rang Hughes today to get a quote for his own insurance, for a Renault Clio, and they quoted me £2040 for third party. It was a good job I was sitting down, otherwise the shock would have knocked me down.

Has anyone any suggestions other than keep using the train.

Many thanks



  • pobpob Forumite
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    that sounds about right to be honest - try elephant and, they've always been cheapest for me. If he's driving a different car to you,make sure you add yourself as a named driver to his policy as that usually helps.
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    always start at elephant, no luck there then try Tesco
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    I have just insured my daughther who is 23 and bought herself a new Ford KA with what was left from her student loan. Try This site has links to many companies. At the end I insured the car for just over £500 with Fordinsure . As you were advised before make sure you include also an expirenced driver in the family.
    Good luck.
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    you may not always find the cheapest quotes on confused, they dont search tesco, nationwide, liverpool victoria or egg
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    Try they saved me over £1000
    I think Martin has a post about car insurance somewhere (I can't remember-sorry)
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  • My dad just put me on his insurance for only about £130 more (I'm 21) with Norwich Union. There's a big excess and its a 5 year old car but not bad.
  • declanmccdeclanmcc Forumite
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    burbs wrote:
    always start at elephant, no luck there then try Tesco

    Aren't Tesco ignoring the NI car insurer?
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    ✭✭ (click on insurance)
    do quote online

    dad - main driver
    mum - second driver
    me third driverage 22
    sister fourth driver age 18

    £439 fully comp - reanult clio
    ford insure - dont have to drive a ford, been using them now for a couple of years nps at all.
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    For the poor bedraggled N. Ireland driver, who has long being ripped off by the 4 big insurers in N. Ireland, try the following:

    Quinn Direct (Derrylin) 0800 587 8000
    Caulfields (Cookstown) 028 8676 6999

    and don't be shy about haggling, I think the the sellers are on huge commissions, judging by some of the stories I've heard lately, about dramatic drops when given competitors quotes.
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    i have heard some awful stories about Quinn Direct being terrible if you have to make a claim. i would avoid. personally speaking the only firm that insures me for a sensible price is elephant/admiral/diamond (they are all the same company). they are consistently about £1000 cheaper than my next highest quote. you could also try open and direct - they are a local firm and gave me an excellent quote as a new rider on my motorbike. and thirdly i am also fond of allianz direct, i have a house insurance policy with them and their customer service has been excellent in the past.
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