Connecting a sky magic eye, help and advice needed if possible

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I am trying to help my Dad, who has one Sky HD box and a Sky+ box in another room (multi-room). He has a Sky magic eye in the bedroom as the SKY+ box could not be situated there.

He has a Sky HD box in the living room and it is kept in a cupboard which is very well aired, but he wants another Sky Magic eye for the living room so he does not need to keep opening and closing the front of the unit/cupboard.

I would just like some advice as how to set up the Sky magic eye for the HD. If so what would I need to buy to be able to set it up.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.


  • At the back of the box there will be 2 rf outputs. What you are looking for is the rf output 2. What you need to do is connect a rf cable from rf output 2 into the magic eye,which in turn plugs into the rf input on the tv.
    To make sure that the 9v signal is being passed up the cable(this is what allows the magic eye to work) go into services on the SKY guide the press 4(system set up) the n 01 select. This will give you access to the installers menu. Press 4 (rf outlets) and the n make sure that power supply is ON. Save new settings.
    This will now let you use a magic eye.
    You can buy a magic eye and remote from SKY direct or your local electrical retailer.

    Hope that helps you
  • If the RF2 output is already being used for one SkyLink "magic eye", you'll need a SkyLink compatible splitter (not any old splitter) and another "magic eye". Do a Google for it.
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