Do I need a MAC code

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Hi, 2 years ago I tried to swap from virgin dial up to broadband, everything was put in place but on the due "live" date I was unable to establish a connection.
I tried for 2 weeks but never actually connected, I cancelled broadband & reverted to dial up.
I now want to try again to change to broadband with Zen, do I need a mac code or am I classed as new.
Also I need to buy equipment to get wireless broadband what do I need?
& what is the difference between a router & a modem?
Many thanks Mamaduke


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    Classed as new, MACs only apply switching from broadband provider to broadband provider.

    (Pedant mode: MAC not MAC code which is RAS Syndrome)

    You need a wireless router and PCs each need a wireless card or adapter. A router is for connecting more than one pc, a modem simply connects to the internet. Ideally you want a router that has a modem built in.
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    Routers are much more secure than ADSL USB "modems" as they separate you from the internet.

    Zen are excellent, (I've had nothing but excellent service from them, highly recommended). Just speak to them about your concerns, and they'll help you out. They recommend using SpeedTouch routers, which they can also supply, definitely stick with their recommendation, there are problems with some other chipset versions running on some ADSL connections, BT deny it, suppliers say there is - it's been covered in the technical press for some time.

    Follow the steps on Zen's website for hardware, and then see if you can find it cheaper, I think we got the Speedtouch's for £10 less than Zen from

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