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Ok we do not have a phone line so we have opted to go with wireless (No Phone line required) Broadband. We have not yet signed up but the packages i believe are as follows

2Mg £10 1st 6 Months £17 after

4Mg £17 1st 6 Months £24.99 After

20Mg £29.99 1st 6 Months xx xxx After

Who can help me out on this one ? Advisor suppost to call round on Monday but didnt Turn up so i have managed to get free Installation. Is this really worth while deal or should i be looking elswhere ??

Thanks for your help peps!


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    Unless you are in a completely wireless area (there are few of them) then you will need a phone line to get internet into your house (or Virgin Media may let you have cable internet but it is normally cheaper to have the phone line as well - you would still need a physical line to your house though?) - you then use a wireless router to share your connection wirelessly inside your house.

  • Hmmm ok, Wireless routers... Where can i buy one or even 2 cheap?

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    There are loads on ebay for as little as £5 but it depends on what speed and what features you want and how far you need the range to be and whats in the pc/laptop you have now. Also be aware that the standard wireless will be effected by other things in your house that work on the same frequency usually the dect phone (get a panasonic) and your microwave.
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