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Hi all,
I am wanting some advice/help with my sister who is mentally ill and is deteriorating. She (and the rest of the family) have suffered with this problems since I was a kid (im now 40).

She is supposed to be on medication regularly, but now refuses to take it and has got worse. In the past she has been abusive/violent. She has now taken to walking the streets in her dressing gown and no trousers on etc. She has no concept of money (would spend it cigarettes) and not worry about money for food - let alone pay bills. My elderly mother has always had to do that for her (shes 72) and keep the house clean.

When we ask her GP or the Medical Team she is under for help, they say they cant do anything for her because she can refuse help. But the other week she fell down the stairs and severly damaged her arms, back, side and couldnt dress herself. She wont let anyone help her either or let anyone else in the house except my mother.

She obviously cant look after herself properly now and seems to be in her own world and I suspect she will have a fatal accident if left to carry on - and we as family are left to watch this, without knowing where to turn to and also putting up with complaints from her neighbours. If the local mental health team wont do anything - where next?

So would love to hear from anyone with "any" advice would be a great help.



  • Squidgy
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    I know this probably isn't the best thing, but is there any chance you could have her sectioned? It sounds horrid I know, but there's no way she would ever admit herself.

    My aunt has been sectioned and admitted herself several times now and finally seems she might be benefitting from it.

    Not brilliant, but . . .
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  • Shez
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    well thats what she does need - but the mh team dont seem to want to do anything at all???!!!! Can i ask how you managed to get your aunt sectioned?
  • KD
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    Frankly, I'm surprised at the GP and MH team.

    I understood that the whole point of being sectioned is that it is involuntary. If a Dr considers someone to be a danger to themselves or others, then they have the power to act/get the ball rolling.

    She needs to see her GP urgently. If she won't go, then press them to come to her. I'd relentlessly contact the GP / MH team till you get the help needed.

    Often daunted, never defeated!
  • Squidgy
    Squidgy Forumite Posts: 684 Forumite
    I don't know really, I think they just did it after she took an overdose.

    Is there anyone further you can take it to do you think?
    It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know
  • krisskross
    krisskross Posts: 7,677 Forumite
    There are several "sections" under the mental health act. They are normally used to ensure that the patient is given the treatment they need although they may themselves not be rational enough to realise it. That sentence doesn't appear to make much sense!!
    I used to work in an A & E department and it was done fairly regularly on patients that had self harmed and were refusing treatment.
    Have you tried seeking advice/treatment at your local hospital?....does not need to be a mental health facility.
  • HappySad
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    I have not advice to give but I really feel for you and your situation. As the others say about getting her sectioned. You could find about getting her sections and when you are armed with all this information speak to your sister, saying that if she does not admit herself then you will get her sections. With this threat she may admit herself without the need for getting her sectioned.

    All the best with your situations.
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  • shopbot
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    I would approach one of the Mental Health Charities for advice. They will have a wealth of experience to draw upon. I'm not qualified to recommend one above another but Google came up with:
    Mind 0845 766 0163

    Best wishes - I hope the situation improves for all involved.
  • Shez
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    Dear All
    Many thanks for all your replies.

    As regards the GP, when we call him he just says "what can I do?" so he's totally useless and the MH Team are always hard to track down, the consultant is NEVER there to respond, they just say they will have a meeting and get back to us, but never do.

    It just seems that while someone is getting her food and looking after her, they can just leave it. It would seem the only way would be for her to cause trouble in the street and the police called then they will take her straight in! But whilst she is refusing help they cant voilate her rights.

    No we dont really want her sectioned, we just want abit more help and support to try and get her back on track - I'm sure if things had been nipped in the bud earlier, then i'm sure she wouldnt be as bad now, but they just seem to let people carry on until its too late for help it seems. oh well.....

    Yes I think I will try and contact the mental health charities, that seems a good option.

    Many thanks for all your help and responses!

  • katiepops_2
    katiepops_2 Forumite Posts: 359 Forumite
    Have you tried talking to her CPN? I thought they were supposed to be easily contactable.

  • Shez
    Shez Forumite Posts: 2,180 Forumite
    Yes, they dont want to know really. When we "eventually" get them on the phone, they say they'll come round then we sit about waiting and they dont turn up!

    I'm sure the MH Team/CPN should be doing more, but I dont know who else can get onto them on our behalf to ensure that they do?? maybe i should write to the local MP and complain?
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