Riding motorcycles on comprehensive car insurance policy

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Firstly, just to say it's a good job I am retired and have some spare time as I think I have spent the best part of four hours (on and off) last night and this morning running all the quote sites suggested in Martin's excellent article plus following up by checking T&Cs etc. I am very aware that the cheapest is NOT going to offer the fullest or best cover. All very time consuming BUT it looks like I may save £50 (with Elephant) on my £250 renewal quote (Dial Direct) for comprehensive cover on a Jag S Type :T

Sadly the link from Confused to Elephant isn't working currently so I need to wait for their website to come back online to check it out further. The Confused quote had too many "check with provider" notes for my comfort :rolleyes:

However, a thought sprung to mind and, as I have until 10 Jan to make definite arrangements, I would like to check it out. I recall many years ago that my car insurance allowed me to drive other cars AND motorcycles not owned by me etc. and I was wondering if anyone here had found a fully comp car insurance policy that would allow this?

The reason I ask is that eBike are far and away the cheapest insurance for a multiple bike insurance but do not allow me to drive other people's bikes. I would like this as I do quite a bit of trail riding (all on legal public UCRs and BOATs where a fully road legal bike/rider are required) and it is sometimes necessary to help a friend by riding their bike on a difficult section or just to try out different bikes to see what they are like with a view to a possible future purchase. Nothing like a road test in "real" conditions ;)

Anyone know the answer?

Interestingly, my son added me to his bike insurance and was told that if he had put me on from the start he would have saved about £35 on the annual cost :o


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    My policy covers me for other "vehicles" which I am licenced to drive. I have ridden my mates bike on this many years ago, but unfortunately no one has a tank near here that I can borrow 0060.gif
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    Thanks adouglasmhor but is your policy really that open?? If you are serious, who is it with???

    My best efforts showed that NIG and NFU seem to be the only companies still offering third party cover for driving other people's cars AND motorcycles. The downside is that they are typically £140+ more expensive than Elephant.com's quote.
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