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Growing dinner ... and lunch ... and snacks!!

Hi folks,

My OH and I are going to try and be much more eco friendly and financially sensible in the future ... and am hoping that some of you good folks can help us in this noble pursuit!! :p

Basically I'd love us to grow as much as possible for ourselves, so that we have to buy less, and so we waste less!

We have a very small garden area, probably only about 2m x 1.5m ... but we could grow wee things inside too ... or else make some kind of frame for outside if needs be!

We enjoy salads ... and the basics like carrots, potatoes etc ... we also like herbs, mushrooms and peppers.

What advice would you give us about planting times for various seeds etc? I'm a complete novice in this, but eager to learn!

Thanks for any input! :T
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