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Air Frying for 1 person

I am quite good at using the AF but so many recipes - I do change them around a bit - are for families. Also, so many seem to need to use frying pan and a lot of cheese.  For a single old person trying not to use hob just AF  SC and microwave as well as keeping costs down, using yellow sticker stuff and inventing I am loosing heart. Used to use the recipes on here but cannot find them now.  OLD PERSON.  Thank you  xx :s


  • joedenise
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    Link to recipes:

    The recipes start around the 5th post.  There are several pages of them.  Not sure if these are the recipes you meant but there are lots there plus links to other threads with recipes.

    I agree most recipes are for 4 people but if you have a freezer it can help you get ahead so that you can just use the microwave to reheat your own ready meals.

  • LinLui
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    Speaking as a "single old person" I never cook for one - I batch cook everything I can and freeze. I also like not having to cook every day, but having lovely, freshly cooked and nutritious meals. If you don't have a freezer, it really is a worthwhile investment and they aren't all that expensive. 
  • wumph
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    Thank you,  I do have a freezer but when I sold my house I had 3 freezers - ll full,  Took ages to get rid of stuff as I now live in old person flat,  small kitchen with fridge freezer (full)  I used to have gas cooking but they dont allow gas in these flats (old folks forget) so now I have SC  (love it but always cook too much)  Soup maker ditto,  microwave,  toaster and AF.  That is why I dont want to use frying pan as do not use "big oven" or hob to fry off onions and mushrooms etc.  Manage mostly but so many recipes seem to want to fry off onions etc and also use loads of cheese. I sort of fry off the onions/garlic/mushrooms in the AF.  I do make cakes too sometimes.  What it is to be old !!!!
  • Brambling
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    I soften leeks or onions in the microwave, a little water and cover and depending on how much 3 to 5 minutes.  You can add a little butter if you want that taste but I don't bother 
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