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PRIVATE PARKING SOLUTIONS Fine when i paid for Parking

Hello wonder if you can help

i have recently got a fine for Parking In Regis Road nw5 3ew

i parked up and found the parking company downloaded the app put my details in a paid for the parking, i then received a fine for the previous time i was parked up

i then appealed (and was expecting it to be successful) as i paid for the parking but received the following email 

 Thank you for your communication.


Please be advised that when parking on private land, all the terms and conditions stated on the signage must be adhered to. One of those terms is not to park before the valid booking starts. In your case, the evidence demonstrates that you parked on site before your paid session, and therefore, I am satisfied that the parking charge was issued correctly.

However, considering you had a booking, we decided not to reject your appeal, but to discount your parking charge to £20 for a 14-day period, as we believe that it is reasonable to seek to recover some of our costs.

Please be advised that if you decide to reject our offer, the parking charge will revert to its original amount after the discounted period ends.

To avoid incurring further administration costs, please arrange your remittance of £20 within 14 days from today. Please note that after this time the Parking Charge Notice will rise to its original amount of £100 if you pay within 28 days and to £160 once we pass the details of your case to Debt Recovery Company. 

i have replied asking how im suppose to book this as i cant use my phone while driving and needed to park up to book the parking  


  • Debszzzz2
    Debszzzz2 Posts: 248 Forumite
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    What "fine"? Do you mean a speculative invoice from an unregulated private parking company?

    Please read the Newbies/FAQ thread before you do anything else, especially communicating with the scammers.

    What about Plan A?
  • Wesleymcuk
    Wesleymcuk Posts: 6 Forumite
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    Yes sorry speculative invoice from an unregulated private parking company :)

    have sent an email confirming im not happy with the reply 

    Hello,  sorry im not accepting that answer


    I was driving and saw a spaces so parked up, then downloaded/updated my details on the app and paid for parking (which was a pain but still managed to get it sorted), I could not see the sign until I was parked then found to details of the company for the app and paid for my parking


    I was not under any impression that I was expecting to go on my phone (which would have put people at risk and got me points and a bigger fine) before I parked my car


    If that’s the case can you please confirm how I am expected to do this future 

  • fisherjim
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    It's not a fine it's an invoice, and debt collectors aren't a threat they are a useless greedy joke they can't do anything.
    All the information you need is in the newbies thread, and it's a pity you didn't come here first before you started communicating with these scammers.
    This confusing road which happens to be private has cropped up before, do you really think this is acceptable signage, looks more like a honeytrap to me:

    You should also make a strong complaint to the BPA about the following statement on the PPS website which is deliberately misleading, wrong and a misrepresentation of authority which is sanctionable under The BPA COP:
    Photographs are for internal use ONLY and they will only be passed over to a specialist debt collection agency and used as prosecuting evidence in any court case against you.

  • Wesleymcuk
    Wesleymcuk Posts: 6 Forumite
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    i appealed and received the following reply from them 

    Further to your appeal received regarding the above parking charge, I have now had the opportunity to review this case and my findings are below. The terms and conditions of parking at REGIS ROAD, KENTISH TOWN, are clearly stated on the signs prominently displayed around this site. These include:


    The charge was issued because your vehicle was parked on site without a valid JustPark booking, which is a direct contravention of the terms and conditions of parking.

    Having viewed the photographic evidence, your vehicle can be seen close to signs stating the parking regulations. Signage clearly states that vehicles may only park in this car park with a valid JustPark booking.

    Not before and not after. The signs are readable and positioned in a way that could allow you to understand the terms and conditions. I have reviewed the evidence we hold against your vehicle and while I acknowledge that you have paid for parking at the location we monitor, however, your parking session started at 10:03, but you parked on site at 09:51. Therefore, your vehicle remained on site for 12 minutes without a valid JustPark booking. This site is private land with its own terms and conditions and the motorist is to adhere to the terms as set out. As you did not have a valid booking at the time of parking, the warden has identified a breach of the terms and conditions and acted in line with the signage in issuing the parking charge.

    Considering the evidence, I find the ticket is issued correctly. Accordingly, I refuse your appeal. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the motorist to read the signs and adhere to the terms and conditions of the site.
  • Wesleymcuk
    Wesleymcuk Posts: 6 Forumite
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    i have already gone to POPLA and am ready to fight this as i paid for the parking and have never heard of a road that wont let you park in a space before you paid for parking 
  • Coupon-mad
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    i have already gone to POPLA and am ready to fight this as i paid for the parking and have never heard of a road that wont let you park in a space before you paid for parking 
    Agreed.  Ignore it unless you move house or get a LBC from a solicitor.

    Is this PPS (London) Ltd or which PPS?

    Have you lost at POPLA yet?  Ignore if it happens.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
  • nopcns
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    Do the signs say "not before, not after"?  >:)
  • KeithP
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    These two signs right next to each other at the entrance to Prentis Road will surely have people scratching their heads - if they even notice them...

    [click on the image for GSV]
    So which is it?
    1. Parking forbidden, or
    2. Parking allowed but with T&Cs.
  • Wesleymcuk
    Wesleymcuk Posts: 6 Forumite
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    They have a small sign that says “not before and not after” next to a massive sign from JustPark that says pay “on Arrival” which contradicts it self  
  • Wesleymcuk
    Wesleymcuk Posts: 6 Forumite
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    have only just applied to POPLA today so have not had a reply from them

    do they accept a lot of appeals or tend to side with the parking company ? 
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