Is my tumble drier dead?

I have a Baumatic BTD1 Tumble Dryer that was here when I moved in, so I'm not sure how old it is.

I ran it a few times today and in the middle of a cycle I suddenly noticed something smelled slightly burnt. I saw that the time setting knob on the control panel was still ticking away, but the drum was not rotating. I opened the door and it stopped the ticking as expected.

It was very warm inside the machine and it still had 20 minutes left to run. I checked the filters, fuse box and machine main switch light all of which were fine.

It's completely silent now other than the ticking sound so in addition to not rotating I assume it no longer produces heat (I didnt want to put it back on to test in case that's bad to do).

Do I just need to get a new one or is it fixable?


  • markin
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    Still for sale at £200-300 vented, so can't be that old can it? But may be cheaper to replace unless you can find someone for less than £100 all in.
  • EssexExile
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    If it's not rotating then either the belt is off or the motor has stopped. If all you can hear is the timer ticking then it's the motor. It could be just a wire off or a capacitor gone but it would cost approaching £100 to find out, probably time for a new one.
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  • Thanks both. Since it smelled burnt and then likely is the motor I guess its unlikely that I can open it up and just replace a part easily without an electrician around?

    Assuming I have to replace it, do I go for the same one knowing it will fit perfectly in my cabinet or do I try to find a 'better' model for the price? Maybe unlikely that there's a lot of improvement in vented tumble dryers over the years so the same one may not be a bad shout?
  • pmartin86
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    If your capable of doing so, unplug it and pull it out so you can access the top. There are usualy a couple fo scres at the black and the "lid" should lift off. Do that and take a look inside, the burning smell is just as likly to be the rubber of the best as anything else, see if you can see the best, is it in one piece? Should be a fairly standard job for a competant DIYer or local repair shop if you dont feel confident yourself. For reference, the best went on my drier about 5-6 years ago, it took me about 45 minutes and cost 3 quid, the drier is still going.
  • daveyjp
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    Checking for a broken belt is easy enough.  Remove back and top and have a look.  It runs all the way around the drum so easy to see.

    Burning could be the rubber stuck around the motor spindle.
  • grumbler
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    If it's belt you can hear the motor running while the drum doesn't move.
    It the motor is silent, then it's not the belt.
  • daveyjp
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    edited 11 February at 8:51PM
    A broken belt can take out the motor.  In my case it wrapped around the spindle, jammed and the vibration spring flew off with a noise like a shotgun.
  • Ganga
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    You could open the door and turn the drum by hand ,is there any resistance if yes the belt might still be attached ,if not and it turns freely the belt has snapped / come off.
  • FreshlyCutFlowers
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    edited 23 February at 11:30AM
    Thanks again everyone.

    The machine was glued to my cupboard for some reason (to reduce vibration?) so it took a while to get out. I can't see anything that suggest this can be fixed so I ordered a new heat pump machine to replace this vent machine.

    Before the new machine arrives I need to fill the vent hole. How do I do this?
    There are so many products, cements and mortars, fast cure, with/without flex and so on.. What can I use for this given its a relatively big hole.

    It's a solid brick wall with a render on the outside. I may try my best at doing the render in summer but for now I just need help to fill the hole with a good material. I've never done any masonry, apologies if this is really basic.
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