Should I get another DSLR camera?

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My trusty Canon 550D after 14 years great service has sadly died recently, leaving me with the decision on what to replace it with.

We travel a fair bit and I love taken photos and videos. 

My natural choice would be to go for another Canon DSLR, so would be interested to know people's opinions. Don't want to spend a fortune though. 

Conversely, what are my options including dare I say it, getting a phone with a decent camera?

Thanks in advance 


  • Neil_Jones
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    Depends on the phone.
    Most manufacturers have no choice but to skimp out on the quality of the camera to meet a specific price point.

    But as a general rule a DSLR will produce a better image, all other things being equal, especially in lower light situations.
  • 400ixl
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    If you do, go mirrorless.
  • WSB
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    400ixl said:
    If you do, go mirrorless.
    Yes, been hearing about this. The only disadvantage I hear is battery consumption but I have no issue in carrying a spare battery pack when out. 

    Do they use the same lenses as the DSLR range? All canon brand of course or substitutes.

    Usually like an all encompassing big range wide to tele.

    Also, stabilisation is a must. 

    Like to stick to canon. 

    What do you see as the advantage of mirrorless?
    Any idea of costs?
  • wongataa
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    You can use lenses for Canon DSLRs on Canon mirrorless cameras with a lens adaptor.  You can get mirrorless only lenses.  Canon DSLR/SLR cameras use the EF lens mount.  Canon mirrorless cameras use the RF mount.  Some older 3rd party lenses may not work well on current cameras.

    The advantage of a mirrorless camera is really that the are supported.  DSLR cameras are being phased out.  As for costs, visit a camera shop online or in person.  There are various cameras at different price points, just like there always has been.
  • DullGreyGuy
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    WSB said:
    My natural choice would be to go for another Canon DSLR, so would be interested to know people's opinions. Don't want to spend a fortune though. 
    Really depends what other kit you have. 

    Canon is not materially developing DSLRs any more, they have now gone to Mirrorless as their primary development in professional and hobbiest cameras.  As they no longer have to leave room for the mirror to swing up the lenses have also changed to take advantage of that so now there are RF lenses rather than EF. You can get adaptors to use EF on RF bodies. 

    Whilst they aren't bringing out new cameras DSLR is far from dead as clearly many, including pros, have camera bodies that will continue to work for many more years. If you are happy buying secondhand prices have improved for buyers now that the writing is on the wall (but a long way away). 

    There are many benefits of camera-phones and even pro photographers I know probably take many more photos on their phones than they do their main kit but when you really want a proper photo and not just a snap there is still a very big gap in what proper cameras can achieve due to the larger sensor size, similarly as SLR never managed to capture the images in the same way as a medium format camera but has plenty of other benefits.
  • Farway
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    All the above, one other advantage with mirrorless is any lenses can be used, with a suitable adaptor
    Depending on the lens, you may be manual only focus & aperture, but mirrorless normally have Focus Peaking, and they are all WYSIWG it the view finder

    You could go second hand from a reputable dealer, have look at MBP or Wex, and you can get mostly unbiased reviews of cameras & lenses on YouTube, which I have found invaluable at times

    I have bought from MPB and if I didn't know I would have thought it was a new camera
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  • Miser1964
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    >what are my options including<

    Depends on factors such as what's your existing investment in Canon lenses, do you want to post-process RAW images in Photoshop, budget etc.

    There's the option of compact cameras if you are OK with a fixed super-zoom lens 
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    IMHO, phone camera sensors and lenses are good by still inferior to those in cameras even with all the AI processing applied. I have a Sony PRO-I phone with a 1" sensor which is bested by the Sony RX100 VII compact camera. Both are beaten by my Sony A7 III with the appropriate lens for the shoot.

    I agree about going mirrorless if you're serious about photography as a hobby. Features such as electronic view finder to show the actual picture from the sensor are very useful. Also you can set to for all electronic shutter for silent shooting in situations where the 'clunk' of the DSLR mirror would be distracting. Auto focus, eye tracking etc. is now excellent.

  • TELLIT01
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    You can get a new body from the Canon shop on Amazon for £150.  No adaptors to worry about and it's a camera you are very familiar with.  A no brainer for me.  There is no way any phone has the versatility of a dSLR and interchangeable lenses.
  • WSB
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    Thanks all. 
    Great tips there. 
    I won't be using my current canon lens, as it has some dust inside that I can't shift and probably not economical get it repaired. 
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