What's in your lunchbox ?

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There is a discussion on this board started by @markglasses who has been taking jam sandwiches to work for many years. 
To help him and others to have a virtual peek into others delights, this thread has been started.
Mark would also like to see approximate costs as well, if at all possible.

So anyone who wishes to lift the lid on their lunches please join in.


  • Longwalker
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    Well my lunchbox is also breakfast so could be construed as rather off the wall

    Homemade Fat Free Sugar Free greek style yoghurt - costs -26p
    Oatbran -10p
    frozen berries -30p
    Couple of babybel sometimes - 50p
  • zaxdog
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    Just made my pieces for tomorrow. So in my piece box is: cheese, pickle & pea shoot roll, Tartex, pickle & pea shoot roll, two satsumas, two YS mince pies and a zip lock bag I've decanted some nice crisps into. Might sound a lot but I'll be out from 7.30am to about 6.30pm. Usually WFH but need to do a fifty mile round trip to a depot tomorrow. There are some fabulous cafes and a brilliant bakery in town so need to resist.........
  • JIL
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    I love the word piece box.

    My mother in law, used to refer to side plates as piece plates, because that's where you put your piece of bread. 

    I'm at home tomorrow but have planned to make soup. I chop all the vegetables whilst making the Sunday dinner. It's just a mug of lentils, with stock cubes. I then saute a load of veg and stalks from veg, any tomatoes from last week are skinned and they go in. 
    Then it just bubbles away. If there is any leftover veg (especially mash or Swede and carrot mash) they go in. Sometimes I blend a little of it but I like it chunky.

    Will do us until Wednesday.  I would estimate it costs £2 to make. 

    I will have mine tomorrow with some leftover soda bread I made yesterday. Will probably have a cheese sandwich with Tuesdays as I'm at work.

    Just noticed theres a very similar thread started about the same time as this one, not sure if they need merging?
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    Slim a soup sachet (choice of creamy veg or minestrone) and a roll tomorrow with what I call "kids crisps" (aka lion snacks which are sainsburys pom bear equivilant) if I have any carrott left over after dinner tonight then carrott sticks too.  I dont have enough veg to make soup from scratch today.

    The soup thickens nicely if left for a few minutes & fills a large mug
    Soup 37.5p
    Roll Is 17p,
    Crisps 19p. 
    Kelloggs milk choc cereal bar 22.5p for afternoon snack
  • mrs_motivated
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    Tomorrows lunch is a sandwich (leftover chicken from the Sunday roast) with some lettuce, tomato and onion.  I also have some blueberries and a Greek yogurt.
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  • Emily_Joy
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    Tomorrow lunch will be some cherry tomatoes, two peaches, and black sesame cereal that I brought from China... the total cost around £1.20.
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