Dealer Refund - Non Existent

Hey everyone,

I tried to purchase a car from The Car Group on January 5th, paid deposit via direct debit and they asked me to transfer the remaining sum via bank transfer, deposit was £99, transfer was £13,176 for a total of £13,275

The 11th January the salesman I originally dealt with cancelled the sale, he said there was a major fault with the car it wasn't fit for sale.
I was advised it'd be 48 hours for a refund. 48 hours pass nothing
I contacted Monday 15th was advised can take a few more days give it another 48 hours and it'll be in Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning
Nothing still, recontacted the Wednesday and get told it's been processed as we speak it'll be with me Thursday. Nothing. Then get told it'll be with me Thursday 9pm, then nothing again.
During this time I'm getting only texts from the salesman but this is after I've called the car group up, get promised a callback and get nothing back.

I eventually speak to a sales manager who deals with these issues, he states he's aware of the issue, knows about the amount, quotes it to me as I was just frustrated at this point, says the accountant has confirmed it's being refunded will be with me by 4pm, Friday 19th January, I asked if he's available after this time incase it doesn't come in, get told he is. Surprise surprise my refund doesn't arrive. I ring back he isn't in the office.

He did try and ring me Saturday morning but I missed the call, I've tried a further 4 times to speak to him but just get promised a callback and get nothing.

I've tried to raise a complaint, I get no response, I ask for these refund guarantees to be put in writing I get nothing.

I've tried to speak to my bank they authorised a claim back for the deposit but said they couldn't help the main bulk of funds.

Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this? I know the company is regulated by the FCA and trading standards but I don't know if they can help me with my refund

Hoping anyone can help :) 


  • sheslookinhot
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    Can you visit the dealer and create a “fuss” ?

    Dont pay any more than a deposit until you are at the dealer to collect the car.
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  • That's the plan this weekend, if they still don't refund me and yeah it's my first time buying a car long distance, it's a two and a half hour trip so was difficult getting down

    Also learnt to never fully trust autotrader reviews
  • bluelad1927
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    That's the plan this weekend, if they still don't refund me and yeah it's my first time buying a car long distance, it's a two and a half hour trip so was difficult getting down

    Also learnt to never fully trust autotrader reviews
    Is there any way you can get down there in the week. Its almost certain you'll get "the accounts dept doesn't work on weekends" line
  • @bluelad1927 if I book time off work which currently I can't due to January etc busy period
    I've already had that line, it's like you've heard my phone calls ahaha
    I've been transferred through to accounts and just don't get answered, still being palmed off at this point, although I think my numbers been blocked as I tried to call and 40 minutes later nothing, my partner also feeling tired of this rang up and instantly got through
  • GrumpyDil
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    I know you said the deposit was paid by direct debit but as it won't have been direct debit and just to clarify was the deposit paid by debit or credit card? If credit card you may have other routes open to you. 
  • mexican_dave
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    I think the OP has paid the full amount already so we'll out of pocket! The risk here is this business might have a cashflow problem, maybe on their way to bankruptcy - never see your money again! Sorry to worry people but it's a realistic possibility!
    Speak to a solicitor to get to the front of the queue, there is a process to question a firm's liquidity (ability to pay) that puts first to blow-the-whistle to be paid early on in bankruptcy proceedings. You will get more £ for £ that way.
    The other route is to use the small claims court and get a judgement in your favour. Then go to the court bailiff to recover the debt, they can take "goods to the value of", provided the dealership doesn't go bust first!
  • boxosox
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    I'd do a letter before action.  Email them giving them seven days to return the amount or you'll sue them.
  • m0bov
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    Go down to dealer and just sit in sales room and say loudly where's my refund. You can try this on a busy Saturday morning. Or hand deliver an LBA, make sure you post up reviews, it sounds like they have cash flow issues so I would'nt hang around.
  • macman
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    How did you pay the deposit by 'direct debit'? Do you mean by debit card perhaps?
    Bank transfer means that you have no chance of a chargeback or S75 on the bulk. 
    Paying just £100 on a credit card would have given you protection for the entire value of the vehicle
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