Any quick advice as regards cost of installing new oil boiler for central heating.

Hi folks,

Will need a new oil condenser boiler in next few years to be installed inside boiler house.
Semi detached bungalow with nine rads in total, three of those are double panel, and two are towel rails (one large) in bathrooms.

No grant scheme available at the moment where I live, so not installing maybe until it comes back, but very interested in what make of condenser you installed and at what cost?

Many thanks.


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    Can I nudge you in to looking at heat pumps ?
    You'll probably need larger radiators in most/all rooms and possibly some changes to the pipework.
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    No grant scheme available at the moment where I live

    £7500 if you buy a heat pump instead ( assuming your home is suitable)

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    Grant Vortex and Worcester are both "brands" above the cheap tier of no name utility kero boilers beloved of builders.  Build quality varies over time but at least you can id and get spares.

    When I bought Grant Vortex - they were arguably in a bad patch. (Installer pushed me to it and I did not know it at the time).  Worcester were better (then).  Some reports more recently suggest the opposite.  I may need one soon.  Grant up a bit.  Worcester down a bit.  Viessman doesn't seem to have much UK footprint - or not near me.

    For Grant and similar - the Riello burners are often the same unit.  And they are generally quite good.  A bit of cleaning/servicing but long lived and fairly trouble free.   It's the longevity of heat exchangers, expansion and electricals and ancillaries that varies. And each thing that fails in service life is a "heat off" event.  So you really don't want them saving 50p on cheap mains switches and having it be a corrosion problem that switches it off.  Bravo Grant.

    We have been OK overall with our Grant Vortex condensing but it has become something of a triggers broom.  2008- present.  Much better than the no name unit prior

    On ASHP - your single panel rads solution does sound like one where a lower operating temp and better radiators would be both possible and practical 

    The update in output from single panel to say Stelrad K3 triple is substantial at the same size - LxW.  So you can drop the deltaT over ambient.  From a kero boiler at 50 to an ASHP at 30-40.   My application is larger and I have double finned already so I would need radiators about 1.5x the size to get the output gains. 
    Which is house dependent.   If you are willing to excavate enough you can do anything - but most retrofit while living in is a compromise on cost and livability and perfection of solution.

    You can get a grant for heat pump.  And are rid of the tank replacement cycle.  And are filled with the warm glow of not burning fossil fuels.

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