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Smart Parking - DRP/CST

Hi all,

I've been watching and reading for a while but now i have received an LBC from CST. I have read the newbies thread and i know i need to send a response via email. However, the only email addresses i can find are from 2021 for CST. Firstly, does anyone have an email address that they have used recently? or, should i fill in the form on their website?

My worry is, I'll send an email to the addresses that i have found and they won't receive them. I haven't submitted a compliant or responded at any point, which i now know is wrong (after reading the forums).

To summarise the situation:

  • 06/12/22 -First letter received from DRP apologising for previous letter being sent out incorrectly (we hadn't received one and this was the first we were hearing of the fine. Ignored.
  • 12/12/22 - Received PCN (£100) from SMART PARKING - 14min violation on Tower Road, Newquay. We attempted to park, couldn't get signal after trying various ways, moved onto another carpark close by. Ignored (but now realise we should have acted).
  • 30/01/23 - Chase letter from DRP (£170) - Ignored.
  • 06/03/23 - Final reminder from DRP(£170) - Ignored.
  • 28/03/23 - Final Reminder from DRP (£170) - Ignored.
  • 20/04/23 - Final Reminder from DRP (£170) - Ignored.
  • 04/05/23 - Final Reminder from DRP (£170) - Ignored.
  • 09/06/23 - Unpaid Debt Reminder from CST LAW ("instructed by DRP") - Ignored.
  • 27/12/23 - LBC received on 07/01/24 from CST LAW.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance


  • Send it to [email protected] and if you don't get an automated acknowledgment, print it out and send it by ordinary first class post from a post office, being sure to get a free certificate of posting.  Don't use a signed for service because if they don't sign for it, all you have is proof of non-delivery whereas proof of posting raises a presumption of delivery in the ordinary course of post
  • Grizebeck
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    No need to reply to cst over this.
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  • Reasonable minds can differ but if it’s a real LBC I usually respond firmly but politely denying liability. It’s always good to have a trail of correspondence showing you’ve behaved reasonably 
  • Le_Kirk
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    Does the purported LBC from CST law give you 14 days or 30 days to reply? If 14, it is a begging letter, sometimes known as a debt collector letter.
  • jamlane
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    30 days. It also states that they have been instructed by Smart Parking.@troublemaker22i'm going to send the response email from Newbies thread rather than ignore it further. Is this the best template to send or is there a better one that you are aware of? (i've read that many forums over this).
  • troublemaker22
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    Any sensible wording will do provided you deny liability and make no admissions.  If you want to stave off the claim for as long as possible, reply close to the end of the 30 days and include a statement that, while you deny liability, you are taking debt advice, which will buy another 30 days.  
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