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Judgment for claimant (to defendant)

Received a judgment for claimant (for defendant) on 12/1/24 - claimant named as Minister Baywatch Ltd. Never heard of the company until this letter, have received no previous correspondence from them regarding any parking fines/notices/invoices and have no idea what it is in relation to. It states I haven’t responded to a claim form but no claim form has been received. Where do I go from here as the issuing court has said they cannot get involved unless I file a claim to have the case thrown out but it will cost nearly £300 which I don’t have as my partner goes on maternity leave in 4 weeks so we are running two houses form my wage and her maternity allowance. Minister Baywatch have no contact details apart from sales who won’t speak to me and the solicitors named on the latter - Gladstone Warrington - have said they will only speak to me through my own legal team but I don’t have one as I can’t afford it. So lost and confused right now. 


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    Have a look here to see if you qualify for help with the court fee for the application to set aside the judgment
  • In the meantime, you need to act quickly to get information in support of a possible application to set aside (cancel) the judgment, hopefully on terms that will make Minster Baywatch pay all the costs.

    At 8.30 am (sharp) tomorrow (Monday) morning phone the CNBC (court back office) on 0300 123 1057.  Phoning at 8.30 gives you the best chance of being answered without wating for hours on the call.  Have the judgment in front of you as you will need to quote the claim reference number.  Politely request the following:

    1 the issue date of the claim form;
    2. the address the claim form was sent to;
    3 a copy of the particulars of claim to be emailed to you while you are on the phone.

    Be polite but firm and don't hang up till all 3 have been accomplished.  Don't talk about anything else (court fees, unfairness or whatever); stay focussed on the 3 core pieces of information that you need.

    @Coupon-mad might be along with additional advice.  If so, do what she suggests.  She is very wise and experienced in these matters.

    Once you have the key information come back here for further guidance.  When doing so, post the full wording of the particulars of claim (excluding any identifying details such as PCN or car numbers) and tell us what connection (if any) you had to the address the claim form was sent to and (if  a vehicle number was quoted in the particulars) what connection (if any) you had with the vehicle.

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    Nothing to add to that.

    Looks like some court claims from December haven't arrived again. Happened last year too and the MoJ denied there was any problem.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
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    Another reason for PCN and N1 claim forms not arriving is that your V5C is not up-to-date with your current address,  worth checking.
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