Damp & mould or moisture

Damp or moisture .

Council have come out in the summer to do my flat with damp mould treatment ( paint ))  and  put new wall in my living room.  . And 
 Now I have it all back in my living room and bed . 
And I have water drop from my cailing...

I open my windows for 3=5 hours in the morning.  And when I am cooking and put the fan to help me in the kitchen.  

Am I cause the problem  

Thank you for you help 



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    That looks like it's condensation on a wet and cold ceiling. The council needs to address the cause of the damp patch rather than paint over it.
  • They not doing any think about only painting mold treatment  . . 

     I Did have a solicitor Involve with this due to council take too long to do the job but the was back in Feb 2023

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    Hi Help.
    That is exceptionally bad. I've never seen such a localised patch of dripping wetness in my life.
    To be honest, it is so weird - so concentrated in one corner - that I'm not certain what the actual cause is. 
    It just looks too severe for condensation, but if that water has come through the plasterboard from above, then the board would surely be like mush, and you'd be able to poke your finger right through it.
    If it's condensation, I'd suggest there's something strangle going on above there that makes it an usual cold spot. I wonder if there's a cold draught from outside hitting a bare corner of the ceiling plasterboard in the roof space?

    Help, can you tell us;
    1) are your window panes also running with water like this in the morning? Or is this the only affected parts?
    2) do you have your bedroom windows on 'vent' overnight?
    Yes, I know this will make the bedroom cold during the night (the radiator should be off, or on very low), but it should help to ventilate away moisture produced by your bodies overnight before it has a chance to condense out. DON'T be cold! Use a lovely thick duvet, and an overnight electric blanket if you need to - pennies to run.
    You'll wake up to a chilly bedroom, so push your partner out to shut the windows and turn up the heating. Enjoy a bit of bedroom warmth until you get up and leave the room, and then turn off the rad again, and crack open the windows to ventilate the room during the day. Close the bedroom door.
    Do try this and see if that patch gets better. Mop it up first with kitchen paper. But the secret is ventilation.
    Remember: during the day, rad off, windows nicely cracked open, bedroom door closed. Your bedroom should be dry with this. Cold, yes, but dry.
    Just before bed time, close windows, rad on, and leccy blanket on - a nice welcoming room and bed. Just before jumping into bed, rad off, windows cracked open or on 'vent', dive under the duvet, and leccy blanket off (or to 'overnight' position if it can do this).
    See if that patch stays dry.
    Any other patches like this in your home?

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