Mothers bank account not in her legal name

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I have POA for my mother. She was christened Doris but goes by the name of Judy. She has a statutory declaration to say Doris and [Deleted by Forum Team] are the same person. She has 2 bank accounts with the same bank, one is in the name [Deleted by Forum Team] and the other says [Deleted by Forum Team] on the statement.

 Her debit card used to say [Deleted by Forum Team] but was recently  reissued with the name Judy. I tried to pay in a check to [Deleted by Forum Team] today but they said they could not accept it. I called the bank and the name they have on their system  for both accounts is Judy.

This despite the fact her old cheque book is in the name Doris and I am down as POA and her name on the POA is Doris.

When I registered the POA with the bank I explained the name issue and they told me they had a record of both names

I provided the Stat Dec and old cheque book and they have accepted the cheque. Should I now change the name in her account? Her pensions are in the name Doris and being paid in every month but I can't help feeling changing the name will cause problems and apart from paying in a cheque which I rarely do there have been no issues


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    Some banks are a complete pain in the whatsat regarding names.  I know though that this is something they are doing more and more due to fraud prevention and data protection.  

    Personally I think you are going to need to get both names on the account.  That way Judy is ok and so is Doris.  Make sure they have a copy of the Stat Dec in case there are any questions in the future - which I suspect there will be.  I suspect also that you will need to supply the Stat Dec every time you need to use the POA with any other organisation as well.  

    As for paying in cheques....much easier to do this without actually talking to someone.  IT systems seem at this point to be more willing to accept little anomalies whereas people can be as thick as manure.  I had a cheque from my mom who had foolishly made it out to me and my OH but using his last name only and not mine.  So it said Brie & Bob Smith rather than Brie Jones and Bob Smith.  My bank refused to accept it saying I needed to bring in our marriage certificate so they could change my name on the account, even though I've never changed my name, and after that they would accept the cheque.  I simply took it to a different branch and it was accepted without question as it was obvious to them it was payable to us.
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