Damp and staining in corner of front room

We have new neighbours who adjoin our terrace house. First week they knocked to ask if we had damp in our bedroom as their side of the wall was wet, mouldy and all the plaster had fallen off. Ours was ok. 

They had roofers come to fix their problem. After they left it rained non stop. The V between our houses was running like a waterfall and the down pipe had the water running down the outside not through it. This went on for a couple of weeks until they could get the roofer back. He on inspection said the box gutter was blocked and cleared it out. All seems to be ok now but we have a large area of damp in the corner of our front room below where the leak was. Also the wallpaper has bubbled up in places and we will have to redecorate this area. 

We have had to buy a dehumidifier and are running it non stop. Could this damp and staining be caused by this problem. I am at a loss to work it out.

Any ideas would be welcome. 

Many thanks. 


  • stuart45
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    If the damp is in the same area as the leak there's a good chance it's connected.
  • Eldi_Dos
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    Once you have the area dry you may get away with just patching up the decor rather than full redecoration.
    If so post on here and there will posters able to help you do that.

    Is the dehumidifier drawing much water?
  • Wall appears to be drying out.  We haven’t had much rain in the last few days so will monitor it to see if we have water coming in and causing the problem. 

    The dehumidifier 2.6 litre tank was half full this morning. 
  • Eldi_Dos
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    Glad to hear it is drying out, these things usually look worse before they get better.

    Keep the door to the room closed while using the dehumidifier and if you have access to a fan put that in room as improved air circulation will help things along.Galling thing to happen, even more so at this time of year.

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