Bank transfer novice!

Apologies first for "daft" question.

I need to do a Bank transfer tomorrow for work being done in my house.

Never done one before so had a look at my account online to suss out what to do but was a bit confused as although my bank (Halifax) needed the name, account, sort code etc of payee it didn't ask for name of bank. Don't  they need that if it is not Halifax?


  • Nasqueron
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    The sort code identifies the bank so they will know that. Just make sure the name on the transfer exactly matches as they will do a verification when setting up the payee and it could be rejected if something doesn't match
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    You never have to put the bank name in, the sort code will identify the bank and they often tell you the bank name when you set the transfer up.
  • The Sort Code defines the recipient bank details, bank name not needed.
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    Sorry if this is a daft question you trust the person doing the work??  I mean, are they a recommended tradesperson with no complaints logged against them anywhere (check local social media) or a reputable larger firm (B&Q type place?).  I ask because I've often seen on local social media posts about "don't use Bob the builder as he's a rip off artist and I've lost £££££".  Or posts on MSE asking how to get money back, going to court etc.  

    Second thing....when I'm setting up a new payment to someone I normally send through £1 or a similar trivial amount to check I've got the bank details right.  I know the banking verification process should work these days but this is just a habit I've got in to.  I let the tradesperson know I'm doing this and get them to verify that they've received the £1.  Chances are you might send your ££££ to the wrong account for the wrong Bob Builder and have to fight to get it back.  Unlikely I know but I like to keep my money safe.
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  • moonpenny
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    Thanks everyone.
    Company is a well respected family window firm and have absolutely no doubts about them.
  • All you really need is account number and sort code. If the name doesn't match using the confirmation of payee check, you are still able to override it.
  • eskbanker
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    moonpenny said:
    Thanks everyone.
    Company is a well respected family window firm and have absolutely no doubts about them.
    Don't they take card payments?
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