Used car bought from Dealer with problems

Hi apologies if this has been covered but I couldn't find anything quite the same.

I bought a used 19 plate Velar from an independent dealers early July - cost was approx £36k . It had a knocking sound then and it got worse especially after town my caravan - 3.0 Range Rover so shouldn't be a problem.

Paid part cash and part credit card - but I know that as it was over £30k the rights I'd have had it was was under don't apply I the same way.

The fault was finally assessed in Sept and a transmission oil change appears to have resolved the problem - for now at least.

However there appears to be a leaking radiator and it needs topping up every few days and there is often a small puddle where that car has been.

I have spend £500 on two tyres, £750 on a tow bar and taken out a JLR warranty/breakdown at a cost of £1,200. 

Now I could claim off the JLR warranty but am considering my options and if I have to right to return the car and ask for a refund of monies paid less something for the use I have had and taking into account the £2,500 I have spent on it.

Can someone advise what my rights are here - I understand that they have one chance to fix the problem - which may be the case - but there is now another one.

Many thanks


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    Dealers really, really don't like taking cars back, unless perhaps you are looking to part-ex for a different vehicle.

    The upside of that is they will try hard to persuade you to keep it. Try negotiating.

    The downside is that if you insist on a return they will not be very co-operative. They won't give you anything for the tyres or the towbar. You could of course remove the towbar to sell or for your next car.

    They certainly won't give you anything for the separate warranty you bought. Could you transfer that to your next car? If not, can you cancel it for a refund? What do the T&Cs say?
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    Presumably they have one chance to fix a specific problem, which they have done.  Another problem has now been identified which doesn't appear to be connected with the one which has been fixed.  I'm guessing they will have one opportunity to fix the new problem as well.  It could be something as simple as a loose hose clamp.
  • born_again
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    Leaking radiator could be due to stone damage. Have they looked at it yet?

    So might not be covered by warranty.
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