Moving kitchen to another room in house

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and thanks in advance to any builders or trades that can provide any info regards this. Picture is house we are considering purchasing but ultimate plan would be to move kitchen to Lounge and make old kitchen downstairs bedroom with ensuite. Is a 1917 red brick semi (neighbour on right as you look at plan). Main questions:

how easy to move kitchen? Any guesstimate on price?

how easy to add ensuite to old kitchen? Any guesstimate on price.

have marked where gas is and nearest plumbing is in utility room. 


  • silvercar
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    Where is the front door?

    Not sure I would want a bedroom off the dining room.

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    silvercar said:
    Where is the front door?

    Not sure I would want a bedroom off the dining room.

    Looks like at the lounge? 

    It also seems like to get to the kitchen or even going up stairs require you to pass through other rooms. A total redesign of the interior layout is probably needed, given the age of the property who knows what the builders will find once walls start coming down.

    For budget, how long is a piece of string, it wouldn't be a quick or cheap job is probably the only certainty.
  • daivid
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    You have drainage in or near both rooms, so that is a plus. Where are the windows in the kitchen? If there are none it needs consideration if you want the bedroom to be appealing. I assume the front door is into the lounge from the veranda, a front door straight into the kitchen wouldn’t suit everyone (though straight into the lounge isn’t ideal either).
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    Is the front door the double door going into what is marked as the sitting room which also has the stairs? if so I think that's really more of a very spacious hall... I think you'll need to do quite a lot of work to get this to a good layout.
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    Thanks everything, there isn’t a traditional ‘front’ door but it’s the door (from outside) into the rear hall that is most akin. In summer/dry weather, we could come straight onto veranda and into kitchen I supposeThere is a window above the current kitchen sink (not sure why not in plan) so the new bedroom would have window.
  • twopenny
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    Outside door is something to consider. I missed that and shouldn't because I viewed a renovated house where the front door (from the driveway) went into thehall then sitting room. This meant that when you return from shopping in the pouring rain, hail, snow you either traipse wet through the living room to the kitchen or walk half way round the outside of the house to the kitchen door.
    It took quite a time to sell. When bought I guess someone missed that as it's for sale again 18mts later.

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  • greenbee
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    If the 'back door' into the utility is easily accessible by visitors, then it will work well. However, I'm in a situation similar to the one @twopenny describes. Only the front door is accessible from the drive, so getting back from shopping/walks etc means traipsing through the house (same with deliveries). There are, however, FOUR doors into the garden at the back. Medium term project is to do some work that will create a door into the utility room from the front of the house.
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