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Hello, going through managed migration from CTC. I have CBESA and have been assessed as LCWRA (no work search requirements and have been for approx 2 yrs. Did the start the UC claim and things now they have put an appointment to see a work coach and a question form for looking for work and CV and I cannot it is now got very scary and I really dont know what to do and I am scared. What do I do - I thought that already being not having to look for work and this they would accept and not say it is wrong.


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    Firstly don't panic.  UC and ESA don't really interact so unless you've told them via your journal that you are in receipt of LCWRA they won't know.  If adding this info to your journal doesn't result in the cancellation of the appt then ring the number provided.
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    Sammyjammy - thank you - yes I have told them and I have now told them again. This journal thing is really stressful it is like waiting for the jack in the box to jump out and frighten you - that is what I feel my phone is now. I am not understanding this well am on high alert all the time. Hopefully it will stop soon. Thank you
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    It usually happens that way during a migration from ESA to UC.
    The computer spits out the WC appointment because there is nothing on your claim (yet) to tell it not to spit one out.
    The computer is just doing what it has been programmed to do.
    The UC staff know that it's wrong, you have told them you are LCWA, but they can't change/cancel it on your account until they get the correct form/information from ESA that confirms what you have told them.
    Once the information gets from ESA to UC the appointment will be cancelled.
    It's all computerised and (nearly always) sorts itself out before the end of the first month, but it's annoying and can be worrying if you don't know that it will happen like that.
    PS. You may also get a form on your journal 'To Do's' asking for your current income from employment.
    Ridiculous but again just spat out by the computer, simply fill it in with zero income, but note that it has to be 0.00, ie you have to enter pounds and pennies or it won't accept it. It took me several tries to work that one out when I got sent one.
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    Hello, sorry to be a nuisance  but how long do you wait for a reply from the journal? Wrote on 12th and no reply yet and really don't do well using phone so trying to avoid that also it does not give paper trail I can use to remember what is said. I also wrote to say I could not do the appointment time as have to get child from school and have no way of getting someone else to do it for various reasons. Thank you for your help.
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    Up to 5 working days.
    The comments I post are personal opinion. Always refer to official information sources before relying on internet forums. If you have a problem with any organisation, enter into their official complaints process at the earliest opportunity, as sometimes complaints have to be started within a certain time frame.
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