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New roof or just repair

I want to sell and move areas as soon as possible to be closer to a nursery and work. It’s an old house and it could do with a new roof really, the alternative is just to fix a few tiles and a small leak that has occured due to that. Financially is it better to pay for a new roof (10-13k last quote a while ago so could be more now) or just fix the broken tiles and reflect it in the house price (or don’t but expect buyers to say eg 10k under due to it). 

Has anyone had any experience with this? 


  • anselld
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    Broken tiles should be fixed straight away regardless.
    You have not really said what makes you think you need a whole new roof but if selling and repairs have been fixed I would leave that decision to the buyers personally.
  • Grizebeck
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    Put up a photo of the roof
    Certainly wouldn't replace if selling 
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  • Dustyevsky
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    You can expect buyers to ask for at least £20k off, not £10k, if the last quote was 'a while ago.' However,  it's unlikely to be worth the wait and your time to get this work done, beyond stopping the current leaks. I'd price attractively rather than low, and then be prepared to come down when surveyors tell their clients the recent repairs won't hold things for long.
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  • Blue_bell_20
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    We definitely plan to repair the few tiles immediately, just waiting on someone getting back to us for that. 

    When we first moved here two years ago the survey said it needed a new roof (although the survey was over the top about everything) we got quotes and saved up the amount. It isn’t in a dire shape, it’s just a really old house with stone tiles, the main point was to do with ventilation in the roof more than any leaks or obvious broken tiles etc. The minor leak only started a few weeks ago for the first time. With there being no major issues at the time we focused on other points to fix first such as the electrics. We did see this being a long term house but our situation and needs have since changed. 
  • Blue_bell_20
    Blue_bell_20 Forumite Posts: 155
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    Thankyou, it sounds like saving the money we have and putting it towards the next house (and expecting lower offers) would be a good option to go with.  
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