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DCBL debt letter after not receiving the parking fine

Hi, my son has just received a £170 debt enforcement letter from DCBL while not receiving any parking letters or fines. I’m not arguing he is not to blame for the parking fine but has had no chance to pay it. Apparently cp plus ltd are now out of the picture as its a DCBL matter but nobody can show me proof of the original fines. Any advice is welcome. Many thanks


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    It’s not a “fine”. Has your son updated his address on the V5C logbook? That could be the reason he never received previous correspondence about the speculative invoice for allegedly breaching the contract between him and the unregulated private parking company.

    If the letter your son received is from DCB Limited and not from DCB Legal, then it should be ignored as it is a debt collection letter and it is already explained in the NewbiesFAQ thread why to do about it.

    Tell your son to come back when he receives an LoC.
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    I’m not arguing he is not to blame for the parking fine.

    I hope you are not blaming him!  My Goodness he is being scammed. Private parking operators are running one of the biggest rogue operations in the UK right now.  It is NOT his fault.


    You don't PAY these things!

    Please send him here. This is easy to defend.

    It's not a fine.

    His error was not updating the address on his logbook - which he must do online to the DVLA now.  NEVER overlook that when moving home.

    Secondly he must respond by email to the scam 'debt crawler' letter, disputing the parking charge (maybe he had a permit? Attach a photo as evidence) and confirming his new address.  He must tell DCB Group to erase the old address.

    And he just emails to DPO at the PPC saying the same thing (USE THE WORD 'ERASE') and asking for copies of the PCN and letters he missed.

    This is all explained in the second post of NEWBIES PLEASE READ THESE FAQS FIRST which is at the top of the forum, 2 clicks away and you don't need a link. There are already 2 links to page one on this page, top & bottom.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
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