Replacement double glazed windows and doors - FENSA

In the process of getting quotes for replacement double glazing windows and doors 
Have been recommended a local firm , but firm is not listed as being FENSA registered 
I am looking to sell the house after improvements and from what I've read will have to produce a FENSA certificate and FENSA registers work to local council 
If I don't use a FENSA company then I would have re apply for building control to inspect work

So it seems to me not using a FENSA approved company is a big mistake 

Would value any comments and help 



  • maisie_cat
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    There are 3 routes to signing off windows & doors, FENSA and CERTASS are both self certify and notify building control and you can also have building control certify themselves. Ask any potential installers how they certify and ensure that they do it, otherwise you will have to.
  • meat_n2_reg
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    Many thanks , have found company on CERTASS so looks good thanks 
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    It is the quality of installation that is more important than which body they belong to (FENSA/CERTASS). As long as they do a good job and can provide an insurance backed guarantee, I wouldn't worry about it.
    Depending on the age of the property and the type of construction, you may need a steel (lintel) inserted to support the outer leaf of brickwork. You also need to ask who is responsible for internal repairs/decoration once the windows have been fitted - It is not uncommon for the plaster around the window frames to be damaged, especially if you have old lime plaster.
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    There are at least two possible window projects for a house up for sale

    Doing it properly (more disruptive to interior) and at more cost - but better u values, air seal, less cold bridging, better longevity, thermals.  Only a few buyers will notice or be able to tell the difference.  And the energy efficiency system doesn't really help bring this information forward.


    Doing it on the cheap - cheapest windows in class - pvc, softwood, not really hardwood, actual hardwood. Arbosil, quick and dirty fixing, pushing in something close to the current profile and calling it "new windows".  Optimised for speed to fit and low cost not outcome.

    Both installers will print toilet paper conveyancing installer BC self-certificiates for you.  Apparently the two things are "the same".  They really aren't.

    Doing it right will give you the warm glow of satisfaction that you are doing your bit for the UK housing stock.  But it may not up the sale price much if at all.  And it will cost you more.  Your house. Your ethics.  Your decision.
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